Troubleshooting: Bonus point not calculated in sales transaction

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Question : I’ve set bonus point entitlement in item maintenance. Why there is no bonus point calculated in sales transaction?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason (1) :

The debtor of sales transaction is not entitled to ‘Has Bonus Point’ (setting at Debtor Maintenance).

Solution (1) :

Edit the debtor, go to Others tab and enable ‘Has Bonus Point’.

Possible Reason (2) :

The debtor is not tied to any member number.

Solution (2) :

You need to assign a Member No. from More Header 2.

You may create new Member at Bonus Point > Member Maintenance, and assign the respective debtor account number. In such way the member number will auto assign to that debtor.

Possible Reason (3) :

You did not set the Bonus Point Calculation Option in Options.

Solution (3) :

Go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Bonus Point, since you’ve set bonus point calculation to base on each item quantity, so you need to set ‘Calculate Bonus Points based on Item’s Quantity’, then click on OK and re-login AutoCount.

Now, the bonus point is calculated.

By : Soh Wee 200312, Lay Swan 200323, P200324

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