Troubleshooting: Drill down from Ledger error – ARPayment record not found (DocKey=xxx)

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Question: ARPayment record not found error when I double click to drill down into AR payment document. I cannot find this document number in Cash Book entry and A/R Receive Payment. Why?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Arpayment not found1.png

Possible Reason :

The document in Cash Book and AR Payment table was deleted from the database during repair database, but the account posting to GL remained in GLDTL table, so when you view Ledger the record is still there.

Solution :

1) Do backup and request all other users to logout the account book.

2) Login to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio, go to Data Consistency > Rebuild GL Transactions, click on Start Rebuild. This function will rebuild the GLDTL and PBALANCE table from Cash Book Entry, Journal Entry, and A/R and A/P documents.

Arpayment not found2.png

3) After rebuild is done, the records should no longer shown in the Ledger.

Arpayment not found3.png

4) Please check the Trial Balance, P&L and Balance Sheet report as rebuild may cause changes to account posting if the setting for posting is changed.

By : Zhi Xuan 210406, Lay Swan 210422, P210426

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