Troubleshooting: Preview Consolidated Report error - Unable to read USB Key

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Question : When I try to preview Consolidated Report, error message prompted: Unable to read USB Key. Why?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9

Unable read usb key1.png

Possible Reason (1) :

The version of your AutoCount Accounting and USB Key Monitor is not compatible.

Possible Reason (2) :

USB key configuration is not maintained correctly.

Solution (1) :

Check for the version and make sure your program, backup server and USB Key Monitor version are compatible.

Please refer to the below link for the dongle matching guide.


Solution (2) :

Go to Tools > USB Key Configuration. If this is a client PC, make sure it’s set as Remote and the server IP is correct. For Server, you need to install Backup server and USB Key Monitor too.

Unable read usb key2.png

Unable read usb key3.png

By : Zhi Lin 200713, Lay Swan 200721, P200721

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