Troubleshooting: Unable to save Invoice – There is Discount applied to Multiple Type of TaxType. Save Abort.

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Question: When I save Invoice, message prompted “There is a Discount applied to Multiple Type of TaxType. Save Abort.(Please make sure all TaxType is same for the discount)

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Multiple type taxtype1.png

Possible Reason (1):

This Invoice applied Group Discount and have different tax codes applied, which is not allowed.

Multiple type taxtype2.png

Solution (1):

Make sure all tax codes chosen are the same if you want to apply Group Discount. You may separate it into two Invoices for different tax codes.

Possible Reason (2):

The Invoice applied Group Discount, and there are some lines without tax code.

Multiple type taxtype3.png

Solution (2):

Delete the empty record or assign the same tax code. Then, you should be able to Save this transaction.

Multiple type taxtype4.png

By: Cit Ta 220413, Lay Swan 220427, P220428

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