Troubleshooting: Year End Closing Error – DB concurrency violation

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Question : When I perform year end closing, system prompts an error message "DB concurrency violation”. What should I do?

Db concurrency1.png

Possible Reason :

CBKey and JEKey did not set to null from the past Year End Closing processing.

Solution :

1) Do a backup before executing the following query.

2) Decide the fiscal year that you want to run year end. Let’s say now I wish to run Year End Closing for Fiscal Year 2016. Take note of the start date for this year, this info will be needed in SQL query later.

Db concurrency2.png

3) Go to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio > Tools > SQL Query, type the query as below and click on Execute.

update APPayment set CBKey = null where docdate < '2016-01-01' and CBKey is not null

update ARPayment set CBKey = null where docdate < '2016-01-01' and CBKey is not null

update ARAPContra set JEKey = null where docdate < '2016-01-01' and JEKey is not null

Db concurrency3.png

4) Go run again year end closing.

Note : Please seek assistance from your software dealer if the problem persists after performing the steps as above.

By : Cheryl 180905, Lay Swan 180925, P180928

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