Troubleshooting Payroll: Login Error - I/O error for file “C:\PROGRAM FILES\AUTOCOUNT\PAYROLL…”

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Question : When I try to login Payroll system from client pc, there is an error message prompted “I/O error for file “C:\PROGRAM FILES\AUTOCOUNT\PAYROLL…”. What should I do?

Possible Reason :

Someone has changed the setting from Remote Interbase Server to Local Interbase Server Database at Database Server Information.

Solution :

In order for client pc to connect to payroll, the setting must be Remote Interbase Server.

1) At Server, click on Options and type the support password payrollworld. Then click on Edit Database Server Information.

2. Change the setting from Local Interbase Server to Remote Interbase Server and maintain all the other information. Then click on OK.

3. Client pc should able to log in after the setting done.

By : Faridaa 180810, Lay Swan 181107, P181108

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