Troubleshooting Payroll: Restore Failed – Error Expected backup version 1..8. Found 9

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Question : When I restore backup file into my new server, system prompts me an error message "Expected backup version 1..8. Found 9". This backup file is from my old server.

Possible Reason :

The Firebird version in this computer is lower than the Firebird version used in the old server.

Solution :

To success restore, you must install the same or higher Firebird Version.

1) Log out payroll.

2) Uninstall Firebird.

3) Check the Firebird version at old server.

4) Install the same or higher Firebird Version.

 (Note : AutoCount Payroll does not support Firebird 3.0 and above)

5) After installation, you will be able to restore the backup file.

For checking Firebird version and uninstall Firebird, please refer to the following link

Troubleshooting Payroll: Login error - Your user name and password are not defined…

By: Hui Yan 180524, Lay Swan 180705, P180709

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