Workshop Application: How to setup SMS Gateway?

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Question: I want to use SMS feature at Workshop Plugin, how to setup?


1) Go to Workshop > Setting.

2) Go to SMS Gateway, select bulksms2u and click on the link

3) Sign up for a new account.

4) After registered, please sign in.

5) Then go to API Integration and check ‘Enable HTTP API for my account’, then click on Save.

6) Next go to My Brand Name, fill in My Brand Name and upload supporting document for your brand name, then click on Submit. Then wait for bulksms2u to approve your request.

7) Go back to AutoCount > Workshop > Setting > SMS Gateway. Fill in username, password, and Brand Name that you registered and click on Save.

8) Now you may set SMS template by go to Workshop > SMS > SMS Template Maintenance.

9) Click on Create New SMS Template and setup the content you want to send to customers.

10) Before starting to send SMS, go to A/R > Debtor Maintenance > Vehicle, make sure you key in Contact Number for the vehicle. (The contact no. must start with 6 for Malaysia number).

11) You may start to send SMS to customers. Go to Workshop > SMS > Send SMS.

12) Click on Select SMS Template in Send SMS, double click on the template you wish to use, then click on Close.

13) Filter your vehicle criteria and click on Enquiry, check the checkbox to select Debtor, then click on Send SMS.

By: Tian Neng 230928, Lay Swan 231018, P231025

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