AOTG: How to Limit Selectable Stock Items for AOTG External User

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Question : In AutoCount Accounting I have maintained more than thousand item codes, but most of them are raw materials and these items are not for sale.

Too many items make it difficult and sometimes confusing when creating Sales Order, is there any way I can limit the scope of selectable items and make it easier for AOTG external users?

Answer :

For this question AOTG has a solution, we call it “Item Scope”.

1) Login AOTG, click on the Setting icon on top right, and select Administration.

2) Go to Item Scope.

3) Click on New.

4) Set item scope & Save.

Code: Item Scope short code

Description: Description for this item scope

Filter Criteria(s)

Stock Item/Group/Type: Define the range of items or use multi select to pick relevant items; or do nothing to ignore filtering.

Matching Method: As we have 3 filters (Stock Item, Stock Item Group and Stock Item Type), use of function AND or OR to match the result of different filters allows us to set the scope more flexibly. AND: means only items commonly returned by all the filters will be listed in this scope.

OR: means items returned by any of the filters will be listed in this scope.

(You may set few Item Scope codes to be used by different type of customers.)

After Save you can view your result by click on Preview.

5) To assign Item Scope for a debtor (external user), go to Debtor, click View.

6) Go to Login Credential, click on Edit.

7) Check the checkbox(s) of Item Scope which you would like to assign to this debtor, then click on Save.

And now this debtor (external user) can only access (select) from listing of stock items limited by these Item Scope when creating Sales Order.

By : CK190604, P190604