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Question : In the payroll process, there was deduction for EPF, but why the total deduction did not include EPF amount?

Epf borne1.png

Possible Reason :

You’ve set that the EPF Borne by Employer in Employee Maintenance.

Solution :

You may go to employee maintenance, under Statutory Requirement > EPF. The option EPF Borne by Employer is check, so the EPF amount will not added to the Total Deduction.

Epf borne2.png

If you have done the wrong setting, you need to

1) uncheck the checkbox for EPF Borne by Employer and Save.

Epf borne3.png

2) Go back to the payroll process, and click on Reset for that Employee and click on Yes to confirm changes.

Epf borne4.png

3) Reset successfully and the total deduction is updated.

Epf borne5.png

By : Lay Swan 181109, P181112

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