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30 October 2023

  • curprev 03:2303:23, 30 October 2023PeterT talk contribs 920 bytes +920 Created page with "<u><b>Question :</b></u> How to configure POS user access right maintenance? <u><b>Solution :</b></u> 1. Go to <span style='color:red'>Autocount OneSales Web Portal</span>, Go to <span style='color:red'>Main Menu</span>> <span style='color:red'>Point of Sale</span> > <span style='color:red'>POS User</span>. File:000455-a.png 2. At POS User tab, go to <span style='color:red'>Pos User Role</span> and then select which <span style='color:red'>user group</span> th..."