Programmer: you have exceeded 500 evaluation transaction limit, operation aborted.

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AutoCount Accounting 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

This exception thrown out is due to the limit of transactions have reached 500.

Transactions include posting of create new, delete, edit.


  • Application
  1. Account book has not been registered.
  2. Registered, but company profile was modified.
Reasons on 500 transactions limit
  • External Program
  1. Program is unable to access to license server, due to firewall or some necessary file is missing.

Determine if account book is registered

The quicker way to determine if the account book has license is to check the status on the footer, after login into AutoCount Accounting. Another way is to go to Tools | Program Control

Find out more about AutoCount Accounting license control

About AutoCount Accounting License Control

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