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AutoCount Accounting 2.1.12 Tax Updates - New: 5/2/2024

Changes to Tax and Withholding Tax in AutoCount Accounting 2.1.12.

AutoCount Accounting 2.1.5 and higher API - Updated: 16/8/2023
  • Updated namespace changed
  • Removed Bonus Point section, and merged to 'Namespace Changed" section.
  • Updated to DevExpress 22.2.7 from 2.1.8

Visit DevExpress 22.2 website

.Net Core and .Net is not completely compatible with .Net Framework 4.8 - 27/3/2023

Recently noticed few projects that are built on the foundation of .Net 6.0 produced error and unexpected issues.
Therefore would advise for project that's built with AutoCount Accounting 2.1 assemblies, must only target .Net Framework 4.8.

Get latest plug-in builder for AutoCount Accounting 2.1 at Programmer Download - 2/12/2022
AutoCount Accounting 2.1 API - Updated: 6/1/2023
  • Added important knowledge regarding TaxCode and TaxRate for 2.1
  • Added note to "Assemblies Filename Changed"
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AutoCount Accounting API (.Net Framework)
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  1. API: Master Data

  2. API: Transactions & Documents

  3. API: Bonus Point (Member Point)

  4. Reporting - Member List and Point Balance - [1.8, 1.9] [2.0]
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