A/R Deposit Entry

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A/R Deposit Entry

This is to record the deposit paid by debtor / customers.

The deposit can after that be used to settle the debt (used as one of the payment method at A/R Receive Payment).

Unused deposit can be Forfeited or Refunded (not the same as A/R Refund Entry).

To do A/R Deposit Entry, you need to maintain special account of Deposit. (G/L > Account Maintenance)

To Create New Deposit Entry

Go to A/R > A/R Deposit Entry

Click on Create A New A/R Deposit

Deposit Account: assign a deposit special account (the payment method); this account will be credited.

Debtor: key in the first number/alphabet, OR click on the drop down arrow button, OR click on Search button to assign/select a debtor number.

A/R Deposit No: <<New>> means to follow auto-running numbering (maintained at Document Numbering Format Maintenance), and the next possible number is displayed at the top bar of the window. You may click on it to key in any number you like.

Date: system date is automatically captured, you may click to change.

Debtor Name: will be displayed according to selected Debtor account

Attention: name of the person to addressed

Description: this is called document description...will remember from most recently keyed in description.

Payment Method: select a payment method. Click on '+' sign to add a new row for multiple payment method. This account will be debited.

Cheque No.: key in cheque number if any.

Payment Amount: key in the payment amount by this payment method.

Bank Charge: key in bank charge value if any.

Payment By: key in the mode of payment.

Float Day: number of days the cheque took to be cleared.

Is RCHQ: this used when a cheque payment made earlier is returned/bounced (use Edit mode).

RCHQ Date: define the date when the cheque is returned/bounced.

Proceed New A/R Deposit: when this is checked, a fresh screen will be ready for new entries upon Save; if unchecked will exit the transaction screen upon Save.

Click on Preview (or Save & Preview)

Use of A/R Deposit in A/R Receive Payment

Forfeit or Refund of A/R Deposit

Go to A/R > A/R Deposit Entry,

Highlight the deposit and click on View

If you choose to forfeit the deposit,

If you choose to refund the deposit,

You can perform multiple Forfeit or Refund by adding additional line when performing forfeit or refund.

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