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  1. How to open Payment Voucher’s templates -(SW/LS/P)
  2. Can I do range set for Sales Agent in Journal Entry? -(Ang/LS/P)


  1. Where to set default Multi Pricing for Debtor -(LS/P)
  2. Can I set no block for consignment document in Credit Control -(Aimi/LS/P)


  1. Can I change the multi pricing name? -(LS/P)
  2. Set Stock Item Level by different location -(Tan/LS/P)
  3. Balance Qty vs On Hand Qty vs Available Qty vs Forecast Qty -(Aim/LS/P)
  4. Button ‘Add New’ in Stock Item Inquiry disappeared when upgraded to newer revision -(TN/LS/P)
  5. Stock Balance by Location report – Save layout to remove Cost but not functioning -(Aimi/LS/P)


  1. How can I transfer Delivery Order to Invoice -(LS/P)
  2. How can I use back the old style layout for Sales document -(LS/P)
  3. How to edit the Description in Debit Note -(Che/LS/P)
  4. How to block certain users from View Flow -(Rot/LS/P)
  5. How to send email notification for Advanced Quotation -(Ash/LS/P)
  6. Where to print Item Package Sales Report? -(Aimi/LS/P)
  7. How to switch from Cash Sale layout to POS style layout in Version 2.0 -(Mic/LS/P)
  8. What is the meaning of Add as Item Template in Find Item Package? -(SW/LS/P)
  9. Advanced Quotation Status Explanation -(Jod/LS/P)
  10. How to transfer Advanced Quotation to Sales Order -(PY/LS/P)
  11. What is the function of Lost in the Consignment Return detail? -(LS/P)


  1. How to stop message prompt of: Supplier D/O no. was missing -(Tan/LS/P)
  2. How to show Supplier Document Number in View Flow screen -(LS/P)
  3. Transfer from Purchase Request only support Partial Item Transfer? -(JL/LS/P)
  4. Purchase Order-Transfer From did not show S/O number -(PY/LS/P)
  5. Can I show landing cost in Good Receive Note Listing and Purchase Invoice Detail Listing? -(CW/LS/P)

General Maintenance

  1. Can I copy from User when create new user -(LS/P)
  2. Can I compare user/user group access rights -(LS/P)
  3. Sales Agent and Purchase Agent code character length can be extendeds? -(LS/P)


  1. Status in Autocount License Control Panel -(Rot/LS/P)
  2. How can I check Unique Device/Hardware ID in the AutoCount Server (For 2.0 License) -(CT/LS/P)
  3. What should I do if the email address that registered for License was unable to login -(TN/LS/P)
  4. How to change email address which registered for version 2.0 license -(LS/P)
  5. Can I setup AutoCount Server (Backup Server) and SQL Server (Database Server) in two different computers? -(CT/LS/P)
  6. Restored account book allows how many network users and how long is offline validity period -(CT/LS/P)


  1. How to copy chart from AutoCount 2.0 -(SW/KM/P)
  2. How to turn off the animation of the function tile -(LS/P)
  3. Can I change the tile size? -(LS/P)
  4. Can I assign document templates to users? -(LS/P)
  5. Can I set schedule backup for database in AutoCount 1.8/1.9 at AutoCount Server? -(JS/LS/P)
  6. How to retrieve the previous version of Stock Item Inquiry interface -(Aim/LS/P)
  7. How to set recurrence inactive by account number -(Tan/LS/P)
  8. How to register an account book in AutoCount 2.0 -(Tan/LS/P)
  9. What is Document Lock Monitor? -(FT/LS/P)
  10. Home Screen - Can I add shortcut tiles of Cash Payment and Cash Receipt? -(Aim/LS/P)
  11. How to save & load customized layouts to another account book -(Tan/LS/P)
  12. How to switch all document layouts to Tabbed Layout instead of setting them one by one -(Tan/LS/P)
  13. Does AutoCount support send document through Whatsapp -(Ash/LS/P)
  14. Where can I obtain the GUID in AutoCount system -(Aimi/LS/P)
  15. What is the difference between search mode And, Or, and Exact? -(Aimi/LS/P)
  16. Is it possible to know who has edited opening balance? -(Aimi/LS/P)
  17. How to delete customize templates -(Rot/LS/P)
  18. Accounting 2.0 - How to check Product ID in Accounting 2.0 -(Js)
  19. Is there any way to switch the item lookup to 1.9 style? -(Ang/LS/P)
  20. Undo button is missing -(Jod/LS/P)
  21. Data grid filter is different compared to version 1.9 -(TN/LS/P)
  22. How to search like AutoCount 1.9 in Auto Filter Row -(TN/LS/P)
  23. Where is the Recalculate Stock Costing? -(TN/LS/P)
  24. Where is the Stock Costing in Options -(TN/LS/P)
  25. How to change the filter button from radio mode to checkbox -(CT/LS/P)
  26. Customized main screen layout has no effect for other users -(SW/LS/P)
  27. How to add AutoCount Server monitor to Kaspersky exception -(TN/LS/P)
  28. Can I export Mailing List and Server Mailing List? -(Aimi/LS/P)
  29. Can I set file name auto capture document number when I export the document? -(Aimi/LS/P)
  30. How to delete mail history record in Server Mailing List? -(Chr/LS/P)
  31. How to remove background image in Main Menu? -(Chr/LS/P)
  32. How to show project description 2 in lookup edit? -(Jod/LS/P)
  33. How to search transaction by Item Description 2? -(CW/LS/P)
  34. How to use Withholding Tax-New -(LS/JS)

Report Design

  1. How to turn off snapping mode in report design -(Aim/LS/P)
  2. From Document No in report does not sort ascendingly -(TN/LS/P)
  3. Government tax code not shown in report after updated to Version 2.1? -(TN/LS/P)


  1. How to set the formula with Operators (If) -(LS/P)

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