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  1. How to open Payment Voucher’s templates -(SW/LS/P)


  1. Where to set default Multi Pricing for Debtor -(LS/P)


  1. Can I change the multi pricing name? -(LS/P)


  1. How can I transfer Delivery Order to Invoice -(LS/P)
  2. How can I use back the old style layout for Sales document -(LS/P)
  3. How to edit the Description in Debit Note -(Che/LS/P)

General Maintenance

  1. Can I copy from User when create new user -(LS/P)
  2. Can I compare user/user group access rights -(LS/P)


  1. How to copy chart from AutoCount 2.0 -(SW/KM/P)
  2. How to turn off the animation of the function tile -(LS/P)
  3. Can I change the tile size? -(LS/P)
  4. Can I assign document templates to users? -(LS/P)
  5. Can I set schedule backup for database in AutoCount 1.8/1.9 at AutoCount Server? -(JS/LS/P)


  1. How to set the formula with Operators (If) -(LS/P)

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