Accounting 2.0 - Customized main screen layout has no effect for other users

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Question: Admin user has customized main screen layout, but other UserID login can’t use the same layout like Admin user does?




The layout is saved according to User ID. Admin user customized layout will only affect his UserID but not others.

To allow a user (other than Admin) to customize main screen layout, he needs to have access rights for ‘Allow to Customize Start Screen’, ‘Allow Customize Widget Control’, and ‘Save Start Screen Layout’.

Go to General Maintenance > Access Rights Maintenance > Main Page > Allow Customize Start Screen, Save Start Screen Layout and Allow Customize Widget Control, check the checkbox of the user you wish to grant such access rights, then click on Apply.

Now the user may relogin AutoCount to customize his main screen layout.

To reset back to default layout, click on the Customize Button > Widget Setting >Workspace Manager >Reset to Default)

After done customization, user may relogin AutoCount, to confirm the layout is successfully saved.

Admin user should remove those access rights that were earlier granted, so that the said user will not be allowed to change the layout anymore without permission.

By: Soh Wee 230316, Lay Swan 230323, P230323

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