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  1. Error Message Journal entry not balance by project or department -(SW/KM/P)
  2. No account description shown in Profit & Loss Statement -(SW/KM/P)
  3. Can't choose different PV/OR numbering format during create new PV/OR -(HY/KM/P)
  4. Bank Account not appeared in Bank Reconciliation -(P/KM)
  5. Taxation Account is not shown in P&L Statement -(SW/KM/P)
  6. ARCN didn’t specify project no., but project no. appears in ledger report? -(Ju/CY/KM/P)
  7. Can't create or move sub account under fixed asset account -(Jul/KM/P)
  8. Different amount shown when drill down to the sub account -(JS/Jes/KM/P)
  9. Preview Profit & Loss error - ’1 is not supported code page, parameter name: codepage’ -(SW/KM/P)
  10. Unable to retrieve last year figure when preview P&L this year vs last year -(Jul/KM/P)
  11. Unable to find menus of G/L, A/R, A/P -(Mei/KM/P)
  12. Balance Sheet - Amount from previous month is not brought forward to current month -(Jul/KM/P)
  13. Unable to export grid content to excel -(SW/KM/P)
  14. Balance Sheet amount not tally with Creditor Aging Amount -(LS/KM/P)
  15. Unable to delete account xxx-xxx because it has amount in Year-To-Date balance -(KC/KM/P)
  16. Stock Value Maintenance – Do not Translate -(Jul/KM/P)
  17. Column Ref. 2 shows nothing when there is a negative amount -(Jac/KM/P)
  18. Discrepancy of amount when show up to level is different -(LS/KM/P)
  19. Non-Leaf Accounts error when click on Opening Balance -(SW/KM/P)
  20. Amount in ledger showing 0 balance, but it is not 0 in bank reconciliation -(Azi/KM/P)
  21. Unable to key in amount directly in opening balance for debtor and creditor -(LS/P)
  22. Transaction show twice in bank reconciliation -(Azi/LS/P)
  23. Save Journal error – No Tax Code associated with TaxDR or TaxCR -(Jul/LS/P)
  24. Other Expenses Account not show in Profit & Loss Report -(Jul/LS/P)
  25. Unable to delete account no. 321-0000. The reason is the account no. 321-0000 has been used in Location -(Aimi/LS/P)
  26. User-Defined Account Type shows negative amount in Balance Sheet -(HY/LS/P)
  27. Bank Reconciliation Error – Invalid number format in Actual Bank Statement Balance -(Aim/LS/P)
  28. Failed to delete Foreign Currency Revaluation -(Jul/LS/P)
  29. Unable to edit Stock Value Maintenance -(JS/LS/P)
  30. Sales account has figure but drill down it shows empty -(JZ/LS/P)
  31. Return Cheque error - Total Returned Cheque’s Payment Amount not equal to Total RCHQ Amount -(Jac/LS/P)
  32. Missing Cash Flow Category in Account Maintenance -(Aim/LS/P)
  33. Unable to delete account no. xxx-xxx. The reason is account no. xxx-xxxx. has been used in Cash Book Detail -(FT/LS/P)
  34. Non-Leaf Project Error when click on Opening Balance Maintenance -(Rot/LS/P)
  35. Sales amount in P&L not the same as Monthly Sales Analysis? -(Jul/LS/P)
  36. No account to be selected in Fixed Asset Links -(SW/LS/P)
  37. Bank Reconciliation – Error: Invalid input type -(Mic/LS/P)
  38. Bank Reconciliation item shaded yellow and not allowed to check -(SW/LS/P)
  39. Payment amount is not auto updated from cash book detail -(Aimi/LS/P)
  40. Profit & Loss Statement does not have report format for Quarter comparison, This Year vs Quarter comparison, and Custom Column -(Aimi/LS/P)
  41. P&L report - Chinese character can’t be read after exported to PDF -(Aimi/LS/P)
  42. Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet did not show Stock At The End of Year (Use Live Stock) -(JL/LS/P)
  43. Drill down to source document is no functioning for some transactions in Bank Reconciliation -(JL/LS/P)
  44. Balance Sheet 3 columns format – Accumulated Depreciation show 0.00 amount -(PY/LS/P)
  45. Closing Stock amount in Profit & Loss Report not same as Stock Value Maintenance amount -(Jul/LS/P)
  46. Trial Balance Report does not balance on second year -(PY/LS/P)
  47. Ledger did not show the details as per transaction entry -(TN/LS/P)
  48. Profit & Loss Report – All expenses show in negative value -(Jul/LS/P)
  49. Same documents no. repeated in Cash Book grid -(CT/LS/P)
  50. Closing Stock amount in Profit & Loss Report not same as Stock Value Maintenance amount (Not using Live Stock) -(PY/LS/P)
  51. Unable to delete account because it contains one or more sub-accounts -(PY/LS/P)
  52. Cash Flow Statement - Cash beginning + Net cash change not equal to Cash at end of the period -(PY/LS/P)
  53. Depreciation & Net Book Value Report-This Year Depreciation amount is not shown -(PY/LS/P)
  54. Trial Balance and Balance Sheet is not balance -(Jod/LS/P)


  1. Aging Report - The value of Total is not Shown -(JS/KM/P)
  2. You are not allowed to edit documents from other source. -(Jul/KM/P)
  3. Can't Save ARAP Contra? -(SW/KM/P)
  4. Can't select Project No. in AP Invoice Entry? -(LS/KM/P)
  5. Can't save past AR Invoice? -(KM/P)
  6. AR Payment in local currency but prompted for Gain/Loss setting -(Ell/KM/P)
  7. Report Design – dragged field not shown in PV -(SW/KM/P)
  8. Contra Entry not allowed for different currencies -(Jul/KM/P)
  9. Unable to edit currency exchange rate in AP Invoice -(LS/KM/P)
  10. Year End error - ARCN record not found -(CK/KM/P)
  11. Can't edit A/R Payment after added exception -(Jac/CY/KM/P)
  12. Cannot select trade debtor/creditor account in CN or Journal -(SW/KM/P)
  13. Unable to save a new ARCN -(Mic/KM/P)
  14. Unable to select deposit account in New A/R Deposit -(Jul/KM/P)
  15. Message box ‘please select a deposit document for the payment method’ prompted when select payment method in AR Receive Payment -(SW/KM/P)
  16. Document date is set to maximum date -(EL/KM/P)
  17. No result when inquiry Debtor Statement -(Azi/KM/P)
  18. Error message ‘Please empty tax registration number’ after filled in the column of Tax Registration No. -(EL/KM/P)
  19. Knock off error – Knock off date must be on or after payment and document date -(HY/KM/P)
  20. Unable to print AR Invoice -(Mic/KM/P)
  21. How to merge currency (RM&MYR) due to contra issue -(Mic/KM/P)
  22. Drop down list for Currency is hidden in debtor maintenance -(Jac/KM/P)
  23. Unable to find debtor or payment info when preview a past OR or PV -(CK/KM/P)
  24. Delete AP Payment error - This document was posted from A/P Payment, you must go A/P Payment to delete it -(HY/KM/P)
  25. Unable to find the menu of A/R Deposit -(HY/KM/P)
  26. Delete A/P Invoice Error - Unable to delete the document as it has been processed by payment voucher with imported goods -(HY/KM/P)
  27. Invoice not shown in A/R Outstanding Invoice -(Azi/KM/P)
  28. Error message prompted “Transferred amount overflow in updating ARDeposit (DocKey=1127) when save AR Receive Payment -(Aimi/LS/P)
  29. Outstanding Invoice fall on wrong month column in Debtor Aging Report -(Jul/LS/P)
  30. Payment received but commission is not included in Commission by Collection Report -(Jul/LS/P)
  31. Past Invoice is not shown in Debtor Statement -(LS/P)
  32. Access rights to Print AP Payment is already granted but still not able to print -(LS/P)
  33. Unable to delete Debtor – The value of column AccNo in table ItemPrice does not exist in its master file -(Che/LS/P)
  34. Unable to Save AP Deposit – The value of column ForfeitedAccNo in table A/P Deposit does not exist in its master file -(Che/LS/P)
  35. The official receipt no. is already exist, please enter another value -(Che/LS/P)
  36. Creditor Aging – Missing the options of Show in Creditor & Local Currency By Document and Show Local Currency -(Che/LS/P)
  37. Red colour indicator in A/R Invoice -(Che/LS/P)
  38. Error “This constraint cannot be enabled as not all values have corresponding parent values.” when inquiry Debtor Aging report -(Jul/LS/P)
  39. Unable to select journal type in AP documents -(SW/LS/P)
  40. Unable to Save ARAP Contra - Debtor or Creditor Record not found (AccNo=4900/000) -(Rot/LS/P)
  41. Cash Sale official receipt numbering follow Cash Sale numbering? -(Tan/LS/P)
  42. Create new debtor error - The value of column MemberType in table Member does not exist in its master file -(Ell/LS/P)
  43. With Discount option is auto enabled in AR Receive Payment -(SW/LS/P)
  44. Unable to reassign Debtor Code in AR Receive Payment -(LS/KM/P)
  45. Unable send Batch mail – The SMTP server has unexpectedly disconnected -(Mic/LS/P)
  46. Why the same GetSingleValue can work in Debtor Statement but not in A/R Receive Payment? -(LS/P)
  47. Unable to add knock off in A/R Credit Note -(Ben/LS/P)
  48. Batch Mail error - 4.3.2 Concurrent connections limit exceeded -(Chr/LS/P)
  49. A/R Receive Payment – The confirmation window (OK/Cancel button) not appeared when copy from other Payment -(Ang/LS/P)
  50. System did not prompt Access Denied when edit AR Receive Payment -(PY/LS/P)
  51. Unable to send batch mail-An error occurred while attempting to establish an SSL or TLS connection -(CT/LS/P)
  52. Debtor Statement error - This constraint cannot be enabled as not all values have corresponding parent values -(CT/LS/P)
  53. System prompt Set Project/Department Posting screen even the gain/loss amount is zero -(Jul/LS/P)
  54. Different UserID drill down document showing different behavior -(PY/LS/P)
  55. No result when inquiry A/P Credit Note Analysis Report -(Jod/LS/P)


  1. Why I couldn't delete Item Code? -(KM/P)
  2. I can’t find More Stock Maintenance on Stock menu -(LS/KM/P)
  3. Duplicated opening balance for a serial number? -(KM/P)
  4. Can’t view item image at client pc -(Mic/KM/P)
  5. In July Stock Aging Report, stock quantity is "zero" but the cost value is not "0.00"? -(JS/CY/KM/P)
  6. System still deduct stock after 'Post To Stock' access rights was removed -(LS/KM/P)
  7. Can I use stock write to write off the damaged goods for FIFO Costing Method? -(LS/KM/P)
  8. Unable to find item to be transferred from Sales Order to Stock Assembly Order -(SW/KM/P)
  9. Preview Stock Issue Detail Listing – Unknown Sql Exception -(SW/KM/P)
  10. Unable to find menu of stock transfer -(LS/KM/P)
  11. Items not shown when inquiry Re-order Advice Report -(LS/KM/P)
  12. System can sell item package with the item in back order status -(LS/KM/P)
  13. System do not prompt alert when item sold below minimum selling price -(LS/KM/P)
  14. There is a balance cost for zero quantity stock -(LS/KM/P)
  15. Stock Balance quantity not tally with total balance quantity at Stock Item Maintenance -(Jul/LS/P)
  16. Missing item in BOM Listing Report -(Aimi/LS/P)
  17. Average balance cost different with purchase invoice cost -(Azi/LS/P)
  18. Incorrect Outstanding PO quantity at Stock item inquiry -(Azi/LS/P)
  19. Error - Column 'Loc-1Qty' does not belong to table StockBalByLocation -(LS/P)
  20. Stock Adjustment not reflect to stock card report -(Azi/LS/P)
  21. Stock Card average cost not the same as Item Maintenance Up to Date Cost -(LS/P)
  22. Why Real Cost is empty -(JT/LS/P)
  23. Stock Balance Quantity in batch number selection not tallied with balance quantity in Stock Card -(Che/LS/P)
  24. Error - Not a valid Tab Delimited Text Format or not an Stock Transfer import text format -(Azi/LS/P)
  25. Missing Posting Accounts Tab at Stock Group Maintenance -(Jul/LS/P)
  26. Up-To-Date Cost showed in alphabets -(Jul/LS/P)
  27. Quantity in Stock Card not tallied with its GRN -(FT/LS/P)
  28. Unable to edit Item Price Book -(Ash/LS/P)
  29. Item not shown in Stock Card Report -(Ais/LS/P)
  30. Transaction not shown in Stock Card Report -(Ais/LS/P)
  31. Item Opening Balance’s cost not updated into Stock Card -(Rot/LS/P)
  32. Item Shelf not shown in Stock Item Maintenance grid -(ZL/LS/P)
  33. Changed costing method using Recalculate Stock Costing but some items are not changed? -(Rot/LS/P)
  34. View Cost access rights control does not work properly? -(Tan/LS/P)
  35. Unable to save Item Maintenance - Standard Selling Price should be larger than or equal to Standard Cost -(Ell/LS/P)
  36. Item Replacement tab is not shown in Stock Item Inquiry -(Mic/LS/P)
  37. Batch number is not shown in Inventory Physical Worksheet by Consignment -(ZX/LS/P)
  38. Stock Balance report do not have UOM column -(JL/LS/P)
  39. Edit Item error – Please make sure Price by Quantity is in correct order. Enter zero if you don’t want define it. -(Aim/LS/P)
  40. Stock Card cost not the same as the cost that I entered at Purchase Invoice -(PY/LS/P)
  41. Edit Item error – Please don’t enter same AccNo name for Customer Item Price -(CT/LS/P)
  42. Unable to View Cost in Stock Item Maintenance -(Ben/LS/P)
  43. Item balance quantity fell below reorder level but is not shown in Reorder Advice -(Jod/LS/P)
  44. Copy and paste from Excel – Invalid number format at column SubTotal, row 1 -(Ben/LS/P)
  45. Unable to save Stock Assembly Order - Quantity for transferred is exceed limit -(CT/LS/P)
  46. Stock Item Inquiry error-Input string was not in a correct format -(Aimi/LS/P)
  47. Inquiry Stock Movement report error-Unknown Sql Exception (Number=207, Message=Invalid column name ‘TypeofStockIn’ -(Jod/LS/P)
  48. Stock Item Maintenance up to date cost shows no records although there is stock balance quantity -(CT/LS/P)
  49. Stock Aging / Stock Movement Report – Item appears twice / item has transaction record but is not shown in the report -(CT/LS/P)
  50. Item Opening Balance Maintenance error – Location is not in the Filter range -(CT/LS/P)
  51. Not allowed to cancel Stock Assembly Order-The document was transferred to other documents, so it is not allowed to cancel -(Jod/LS/P)


  1. Rounding Adjustment Account is empty -(HY/KM/P)
  2. Unable to save an entry/document with GST adjustment -(EL/KM/P)
  3. “Credit Sales” button is disabled in Cash Sales -(Mei/KM/P/KM)
  4. Show Instant Info- Price History is empty -(MIC/KM/P)
  5. Can't change rounding method for invoice -(JS/KM/P)
  6. Unable to select stock code in Monthly Sales Analysis report -(Jul/CY/KM/P)
  7. Save Invoice error - 'Invalid account no' -(SW/KM/P)
  8. Invoice grid listing is not displayed? -(Jul/KM/P)
  9. Can't change the price of invoice that was transferred from DO -(P/P)
  10. Item selling price does not follow the setting in Item Price Book -(LS/KM/P)
  11. Sales amount different between Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Report and Monthly Sales Analysis Report -(LS/KM/P)
  12. Unable to preview or print a printed document -(CY/KM/P)
  13. Filter by Salesman - Sales agent can access other agent’s customers -(LS/KM/P)
  14. Unable to delete Sales Invoice -(CK/KM/P)
  15. Duplicate Invoice no -(Mei/KM/P)
  16. Unable to select preview option -(HY/KM/P)
  17. Couldn’t select credit card account in cash sale -(CY/KM/P)
  18. Debtor - Couldn't find debtor when creating invoice? -(Mei/KM/P)
  19. Outstanding value is blank in Purchase Invoice or Invoice -(Jac/KM/P)
  20. No result when inquiry Customer Price Listing -(CK/KM/P)
  21. Unable to save invoice - The following stock items are negative quantity, save aborted -(Mei/KM/P)
  22. Quotation details not appeared in transfer document screen of Sales Order/Delivery Order or Invoice -(Jul/KM/P)
  23. Item batch not appeared in the drop-down list when creating a new invoice -(SW/KM/P)
  24. Error message prompted ‘Access is denied’ when click on sent by email -(SW/KM/P)
  25. Dialog ‘Enter Total Cost’ prompted out when create a new invoice -(LS/KM/P)
  26. Unable to add Item in Delivery Return -(LS/KM/P)
  27. Error while saving a new invoice -The following items are missing Item Batch No… -(Aimi/KM/P)
  28. Unable to find item batch no column in Sales order -(Jes/KM/P)
  29. Unable to select different cash payment in Cash Sale -(LS/KM/P)
  30. Save Invoice error - You are not allow to save negative outstanding consignment quantity .. for Item Code -(Mic/KM/P)
  31. Commission amount shows under expenses column in Sales Agent Contribution report -(LS/KM/P)
  32. Unable to change debtor for Cash Sale -(Mic/KM/P)
  33. Unable to change the detail location of an invoice -(EL/KM/P)
  34. Sales account does not follow default account that have been set -(LS/KM/P)
  35. Save Invoice error - Duplicate Consignment No -(Mic/LS/P)
  36. Save D/O error - The following Item code and Batch No’s Last Sale Date have passed the document date… -(EL/LS/P)
  37. Account Number was not copied from Delivery Order when transferred to Cash Sales -(LS/P)
  38. Save Invoice Error - Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to data type numeric -(Azi/LS/P)
  39. Remaining amount did not reduce after I done some partial item transferred -(Aim/LS/P)
  40. Serial Numbers are not shown in detail in Invoice -(Ais/LS/P)
  41. Why some items are not printed in SO report -(Far/LS/P)
  42. Access Rights is not assigned but Users still can edit Printed Document -(LS/P)
  43. Save Invoice Error - The value of column ItemCode in table UTDStockCost does not exist in its master file -(Che/LS/P)
  44. Payment details is not shown in Invoice with Payment Listing Report although payment is received -(Jul/LS/P)
  45. Find Sales Order - Search by Debtor Name but no result displayed -(Aim/LS/P)
  46. Cannot disable 5 cents rounding in Invoice -(Jul/LS/P)
  47. Sales Unit Price does not follow standard selling price -(Aimi/LS/P)
  48. This user does not have the permission to approve the document and the outstanding amount exceeded the limit -(Ash/LS/P)
  49. Batch print invoice shows incorrect page numbering -(Ais/LS/P)
  50. Invoice item UOM is PKT, but why when preview it shows PACKET -(Ash/LS/P)
  51. Missing Report Name Nota Serahan when login different PC using same User ID -(FT/LS/P)
  52. Back Order control did not function in Cash Sales -(LS/P)
  53. Bonus point not calculated in sales transaction -(SW/LS/P)
  54. Monthly Sales Analysis Report - the value of total is not shown -(Aim/LS/P)
  55. Invoice details not appeared in transfer document screen of Credit Note -(Azi/LS/P)
  56. Unable to choose Item Code during transaction -(Aim/LS/P)
  57. New invoice numbering & document date does not follow the setting of next invoice number but D/O number & DO date? -(Tan/LS/P)
  58. Unable to save Cash Sale - payment cannot smaller than final total -(Tan/LS/P)
  59. Payment amount not shown in Invoice -(SW/LS/P)
  60. Your Ref not shown on the 2nd page of report -(SW/LS/P)
  61. Invoice missing from Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Report -(ZX/LS/P)
  62. System did not prompt UOM conversion alert when create Invoice using item package -(Aimi/LS/P)
  63. Discount amount did not post to Discount Account but deduct from Sales Account -(SW/LS/P)
  64. Why is the system still allow to save transaction with inactive item? -(Aimi/LS/P)
  65. Sales Agent’s commissions not shown after maintaining the commission account in Sales Agent Contribution Report -(Chr/LS/P)
  66. Missing Price History Tab from Show Instant Info -(LS/P)
  67. Unable to change debtor for Invoice that never receive payment -(PY/LS/P)
  68. Item Package master unit price rounded up to 2 decimals instead of 5 -(Ang/LS/P)
  69. Area Code is empty in Monthly Sales Analysis Report -(LS/P)
  70. Monthly Sales Analysis amount different from Cash Sales Listing -(PY/LS/P)
  71. Sales Agent in Invoice not same with the transferred Sales Order -(Rot/LS/P)
  72. Cash Sales report did not show Company Name in Chinese Character -(Aimi/LS/P)
  73. Tax Cash Sale (Tax Invoice) with Multi-Payment report did not show all the payment methods that I saved from Multi Payment -(PY/LS/P)
  74. This user does not have the permission to approve for the Unit Price Change -(LS/P)
  75. Inactive Credit Card payment method shown in Credit Card Selection of Cash Sale/Purchase -(Aimi/LS/P)
  76. Our Invoice No. is blank in Credit Note that was transferred from Invoice -(Jod/LS/P)
  77. Unable to create New Payment from Invoice -(Jul/LS/P)
  78. Preview report shows duplicated detail records -(SW/LS/P)
  79. Unit Price is different when copy from or copy to another Sales Order -(Rot/LS/P)
  80. Incorrect detail total after key in Unit Price -(CT/LS/P)
  81. Missing document for certain locations when login with different user -(CW/LS/P)


  1. Unit Price not displayed in Purchases documents? -(KM/P)
  2. Duplicate Supplier D/O No. or Invoice No -(CY/KM/P)
  3. Unable to show Purchase Price History setting -(Mic/KM/P)
  4. Unable to add new batch no in Purchase Invoice -(Mic/KM/P)
  5. Unable to edit GRN after un-transfer GRN to Purchase Invoice -(HY/KM/P)
  6. Unable to view sub Total for Purchase Transaction -(CK/KM/P)
  7. Unable To Select New Created Batch Number at Purchase Invoice -(HY/LS/P)
  8. Save PI Error - Column “ReferCAJEIsPayment” does not belong to table APInvoice -(JS/LS/P)
  9. Save PI Error - Value was ether too large or too small for an lnt 16 -(CK/LS/P)
  10. Not able to create new item code from item lookup edit -(Zal/LS/P)
  11. Item missing from item lookup edit in Request Quotation and Purchase Order -(LS/P)
  12. Missing records at Price History tab of Purchase Invoice -(Aimi/LS/P)
  13. Serial Number windows not prompted when I select Serial Number Item -(SW/LS/P)
  14. Why will the system auto update Goods Received Note unit price -(Jod/LS/P)


  1. Already knocked off, but still show as GST on Payment Unapplied Amount -(/P)
  2. Error Message "Tax Type must be selected" -(KM/P)
  3. GST03 – Tax amount appears in Others (Lain-lain) column -(Jes/KM/P)
  4. Cannot select tax code for past document -(Mei/KM/P)
  5. Gift Rule - Sales Account is empty or invalid -(Jes/KM/P)
  6. GST- set GST Date for past invoice -(Jes/KM/P)
  7. GST - “Error on GST On Realized Gain Loss: Tax Type IES not found” -(EL/KM/P)
  8. Supplier tax registration number not shown in GAF Viewer -(HY/KM/P)
  9. Error message “No default tax document number found” when tried to save a sales document -(CY/KM/P)
  10. Unable to select or change tax code when creating a new invoice -(EL/KM/P)
  11. Journal not created automatically on transaction involving tax code IM-SVC -(CK/KM/P)
  12. Outstanding invoices not shown as GST Bad Debt Relief -(LS/KM/P)
  13. Supplier Invoice GST amount is different with GST amount in AutoCount -(Azi/KM/P)
  14. Unable to submit GST through TAP for negative output tax (column 5a & 5b) -(HY/KM/P)
  15. Tax transaction not shown in GST03 -(LS/KM/P)
  16. GST Processor error – Attempted to divide by zero -(CK/KM/P)
  17. GST Processor error - “cannot set ‘DocNo’. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column.” -(Mic/KM/P)
  18. GST Processor error - Cannot load GST Processor Date. The latest GST Processor not committed yet -(CY/KM/P)
  19. GST Processor error - Error on GST Partial Exemption: Tax Type AJP-O not found -(SW/KM/P)
  20. Gift Rule – Journal Entry not balance -(Jul/KM/P)
  21. Error ‘Empty Deferred Output Tax Account in GST Setting ‘when set GST Date -(Azi/KM/P)
  22. Error Message when generate new GST Processor - Unable to lauch a new form in new thread because of out of memory -(Mic/KM/P)
  23. Amount of GST-03 column 15 not tallied with Tax transaction listing -(LS/KM/P)
  24. Unable to delete Gift Rule -(Aimi/LS/P)
  25. Copy to new document the tax code didn’t auto convert for Version 1.9 -(Far/LS/P)
  26. Save Official Receipt message “There is item with ZRL tax code in this document, do you still want to save?” -(Jul/LS/P)
  27. Cannot change Inclusive Tax in the document -(Aim/LS/P)
  28. Final GST Return Error - GST On Fixed Asset AccNo is empty or invalid -(Jul/LS/P)
  29. Error when inquiry GST instant info - The process cannot access the file -(Jac/LS/P)


  1. SST Tax Code is not auto-assigned at Invoice -(Far/LS/P)
  2. Tax Payable amount not tally with MYSST website submission -(Che/LS/P)
  3. SST-02 (Service) counted 2 invoices only but in this period there are total 5 invoices billed in tax code SV-6 -(Ais/LS/P)
  4. Failed to commit SST Processor “SST Penalty AccNo cannot be empty” -(Jul/LS/P)
  5. The value of column TaxType in table Invoice Detail does not exist in its master file -(Che/LS/P)
  6. Tax code without Govt. Tax Code -(Jul/LS/P)
  7. Stock card costing not match with Purchase Invoice unit cost after apply purchase tax code -(LS/P)
  8. Imported Service Sales account no. is empty or invalid -(Jul/LS/P)
  9. SST Processor Error - Column ‘TaxableAccNo’ does not allow nulls -(JS/LS/P)
  10. Message prompted: “Unable to update knock-off A/R Invoice which has paid tax (payment basis) due to the knock-off date (17/04/2019) was inside a processed SST period.” -(Jul/LS/P)
  11. This document does not allow to save, because it contains accrual and payment basis tax code -(Ell/LS/P)
  12. Fail to commit SST Processor, an error prompted “Line 1: Invalid Account No. 'SST-4010' ”. -(SW/LS/P)
  13. SST on Payment AccNo is empty or invalid -(SW/LS/P)
  14. Tax Type not found - when saving transaction of imported services -(SW/LS/P)
  15. Tax amount appears in “Others” in SST-02 form -(Rot/LS/P)
  16. Tax Code DS-6 applied but not appeared in SST-02 form -(Tan/LS/P)
  17. CN dated Jan 2020 appears in SST Processor period Mar-Apr 2020 -(Aim/LS/P)
  18. SST-02 is not appeared after ran SST Processor -(Ell/LS/P)
  19. Commit SST Processor error – Duplicate Journal Entry No -(CT/LS/P)
  20. SST Processor error-Cannot set column TaxBRNo. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column -(Aimi/LS/P)

Prompted Message

  1. Unable to Save a New Payment Voucher -(SW/KM/P)
  2. Sorry you have exceeded 500 transaction limit? -(PT/P)
  3. Restore Error - SQL Server cannot process this media family (SW/KM/P)
  4. Backup Error..Cannot open backup device -(HY/KM/P)
  5. Backup Error "The database is larger than 2GB.You only can use WinRAR as compression method" -(KM/P)
  6. Delete user - error message prompted -(CK/KM/P)
  7. Consolidate Financial Report - Cannot set column “LiveDBDatabaseName” -(Eve/KM/P)
  8. Backup error - File is not a valid archive. I/O error occur? -(JS/KM/P)
  9. Attach account book error-Unknown Sql Exception, The database ‘AED_TEST’ cannot be opened because it is version 706. -(JS/CY/KM/P)
  10. Backup error: “Backup Failed. Database Error found. There was no endpoint listening at...” -(CY/KM/P)
  11. Backup error- Database msdb cannot be opened -(CK/KM/P)
  12. Login Message - "Fail to check database exist in Scheduled Backup"...There was no endpoint listening at... -(CK/CY/KM/P)
  13. Unable to attach suspected or corrupted database -(P/CK/CY/KM/P)
  14. Invalid Report Header in Company Profile -(Azi/CY/KM/P)
  15. Login Message - This account book has been marked as “Old version”, do you still want to login -(Azi/CY/KM/P)
  16. Error creating new account book in client pc -(Azi/KM/P)
  17. AutoCount Accounting Session has been Expired and unable to re-register your session -(CK/CY/KM/P)
  18. Failed to register the Database Server to USB key in AutoCount Backup Server Setting -(CY/KM/P)
  19. Import items error - Cannot set column ‘ItemGroup’. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column. -(CY/KM/P)
  20. Backup error - You have enter a BLANK password. Do you still want to continue? -(Jac/KM/P)
  21. The system needs to upgrade your current account book -(P/KM/P)
  22. Attach database error - One or more files do not match the primary file of the database. -(CY/KM/P)
  23. Error message – The value of column Location in table IPHIST does not exist in its master file -(EL/KM/P)
  24. Import journal entry error - Column ‘TaxableAmt’ does not belong to table -(Azi/KM/P)
  25. Installation error – An unexpected error is keeping you from creating the folder -(HY/KM/P)
  26. Export data error – Access is denied -(Azi/KM/P)
  27. Create account book error - Cannot set column ‘ItemGroup’. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column. -(CY/KM/P)
  28. Password is not correct when restore account book -(Jul/KM/P)
  29. Unable to delete numbering format -(LS/KM/P)
  30. Failed to login to AutoCount Accounting 1.8 Consolidate Financial Report -(Jul/KM/P)
  31. Login Message - Unexpected character encountered while parsing value… -(JS/KM/P)
  32. Restore error - The file ‘C:\AutoCount Data\AED_AAA.Data.mdf” is compressed but does not reside in a read-only database or file group -(SW/KM/P)
  33. Error installing AutoCount – error code 2203 -(Jac/KM/P)
  34. Error while saving exsiting transaction ‘This record was modified by Admin at xx-xxx-xx.’ -(Jac/KM/P)
  35. Error when register Database Server to USB Key Server -TCP channel protocol violation -(Mic/KM/P)
  36. Preview Report error – Could not load file or assembly… -(Jac/KM/P)
  37. Error Message - Your Windows system security does not allow... -(P/KM/P)
  38. Transaction date xx/xx/xxxx is locked, you can unlock it from Tools… -(LS/KM/P)
  39. Create Account Book error – Access is denied -(Jac/KM/P)
  40. Error create transaction in Windows 10 -(Jul/KM/P)
  41. Year End error – Supplier IV No. xxxx is already exist. Please enter another value. -(Azi/KM/P)
  42. Backup error – I/O error occur on File “C:\temp\xxxx bhd…. -(El/KM/P)
  43. Application error - Operation could destabilize the runtime -(Azi/KM/P)
  44. Preview report error - o: Metadatafile…C:\Windows\... -(HY/KM/P)
  45. Unable to Perform Merge Account -(LS/KM/P)
  46. Preview Report Error - 0: Error generating Win32 resource ... -(Jac/LS/P)
  47. Year End Closing Error – Opening Balance not balance -(Jul/LS/P)
  48. Failed to create UDF -(JS/LS/P)
  49. Preview report error – Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list -(Che/LS/P)
  50. Year End Closing Error – DB concurrency violation -(Che/LS/P)
  51. Preview Report Error – Unable to cast object of type ‘DevExpress.XtraReports.UI.XRRichTextBox’ to type ‘DevExpres.XtraReports.UI.XRRichText’ -(Zal/LS/P)
  52. Import Stock Item Error- Tariff Code does not exist -(LS/P)
  53. Valid document date is between 01/01/2017 and 31/12/2018 -(LS/P)
  54. Import Data Error - Fail to save Item: 00006. Base UOM ‘CTN’ rate is not equal 1 -(Zal/LS/P)
  55. Import Debtor error - These columns don't currently have unique values -(JZ/LS/P)
  56. Detach Account Book error - Cannot open database AED_xxx -(Jac/LS/P)
  57. Column ‘FiscalYearName’ is constrained to be unique. Value ‘Fiscal Year 2019’ is already present -(SW/LS/P)
  58. Scheduled Backup setting error - Unable to retrieve the root folder error -(El/LS/P)
  59. Error: “Column ‘Tariff Code’ does not belong to the table GLMast” prompted when preview consolidated report -(SW/LS/P)
  60. Import AP CN error - UnappliedAmount is greater than NetAmount (APCN3763) -(Jul/LS/P)
  61. Installation error – Error writing to file: DevExpress.Ultis.v13.1.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory -(KS/LS/P)
  62. Create account book error – A file activation error occurred. The physical file name ‘(local)..’ may be incorrect -(Aim/LS/P)
  63. Error when import from UBS - You should install Visual Fox Pro OleDB Provider version 8.x first -(FT/LS/P)
  64. USB Key Server Monitor Error: Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed -(ZL/LS/P)
  65. Restore Error - Please change your Log On Account as Local System account for SQL Server at Windows Services -(ZL/LS/P)
  66. Backup Error - Error occur when zipping files. File is not found... -(Joh/LS/P)
  67. Preview Report Error - The system cannot find the path specified -(Joh/LS/P)
  68. Save Invoice Error - You cannot work on transaction date beyond Friday... -(Che/LS/P)
  69. Backup error - Backup Failed. Database Error found. Unknown Sql Exception ... A database snapshot cannot be created because it failed to start... -(Mic/LS/P)
  70. Preview Consolidated Report error - Unable to read USB Key -(ZL/LS/P)
  71. Generate Delivery Order at Delivery Request Processing error – Object Reference or Invalid transfer item -(Rot/LS/P)
  72. Save Invoice Error – KnockOffAmount over NetAmount in detail record -(Aim/LS/P)
  73. Restore Error - CREATE DATBASE or ALTER DATABASE failed because the resulting cumulative database size would exceed your license limit of 10xxx MB per database -(Joh/LS/P)
  74. Error while update license into Dongle – The requested security protocol is not supported -(Joh/LS/P)
  75. Error - Font Verdana does not support style Bold -(Rot/LS/P)
  76. Change Item Code error - Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint PK_ItemLocationPrice -(ZL/LS/P)
  77. Restore error - File is not a valid archive.. An I/O error occurred while creating the file -(Rot/LS/P)
  78. Failed to save AP Invoice - Can’t set tax adjustment without a TaxType in detail record -(Aimi/LS/P)
  79. Drill down from Ledger error – ARPayment record not found (DocKey=xxx) -(ZX/LS/P)
  80. Error on Cash Sales – There is not payment method which have payment type as ‘Cash’ -(Ell/LS/P)
  81. Restore error - Directory lookup for the file "C:\AutoCount Data\AED_MOBILE_12/8/2020_Data.mdf" failed with the operating system error 3 -(Ell/LS/P)
  82. Login Accountant ID error – Accountant ID does not match with this account book’s accountant setting -(Aim/LS/P)
  83. Preview Report Error – Access is Denied -(KC/LS/P)
  84. Backup Error – Please make sure you have sufficient permission to read file from C: \...” -(Rot/LS/P)
  85. Install AutoCount Server error - Error 1001. The specified server already exists. -(Rot/LS/P)
  86. Error when export grid ledger to excel – Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. -(Aimi/LS/P)
  87. Backup Error – Cannot create file ‘C:\AutoCount Data\xxx_Data.mdf_MSSQL_DBCC9’ because it already exists. Change the file path or the file name, and retry the operation. -(Aimi/LS/P)
  88. Access Denied when run command prompt -(Chr/LS/P)
  89. Access Denied when preview / print at View Posting Details -(Aimi/LS/P)
  90. Backup Error - Backup Failed. Database Error found. Unknown Sql Exception (Number = 82, Message = There is insufficient memory available in the buffer pool.) -(Chr/LS/P)
  91. Unable to save Cash Purchase – APPayment record not found (Dockey=XXX) -(SW/LS/P)
  92. Could not allocate space for object in database because PRIMARY filegroup is full -(Jac/KM/P)
  93. Year End Closing error – Knock off date must be on or after payment and document date -(Chr/LS/P)
  94. Create Account Book error – Directory lookup for the file “C:\AutoCount Data\AED_xxx_Data.mdf” failed with the operating system error2 (The system cannot find the file specified.) -(Jod/LS/P)
  95. Price History Report error – Unknown Sql Exception (Number=137, Message=Must declare the scalar variable ‘@AccNoPO’.) -(SW/LS/P)
  96. Backup error – Backup Failed. Database Error found.. repair_rebuild is the minimum repair level -(Aimi/LS/P)
  97. Unable to save AR AP Payment - Bank charge greater than Payment amount ARPaymentxxx -(Ang/LS/P)
  98. Backup Error – Timeout expired error -(CT/LS/P)
  99. Create Item error – 1 is not a supported code page. Parameter name: codepage -(Jod/LS/P)
  100. Preview Report error - Unable to read beyond the end of the stream -(PY/LS/P)
  101. Unable to save Invoice – There is Discount applied to Multiple Type of TaxType. Save Abort. -(CT/LS/P)
  102. Access Denied when Edit user -(Chr/LS/P)
  103. Backup Error - Unknown Sql Exception (Number=9100, Message=Possible index corruption detected…..Could not insert a backup or restore history/detail record in the msdb database. This may indicate a problem with msdb -(Aimi/LS/P)
  104. Save Transaction Error - SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM -(LS/P)
  105. Batch Print Payment Voucher error – Column ‘DocType’ does not belong to table Master -(Ang/LS/P)
  106. Unable to delete Document Numbering Format - The value of column PaymentFormatName in table Payment Method does not exist in its master file -(CT/LS/P)
  107. Unable to save Invoice – The following items are missing Item Batch No. Save aborted -(PY/LS/P)
  108. Save A/P Payment error - Cannot set column ‘DealWith’. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column -(Rot/LS/P)
  109. Uninstall AutoCount Server error - Error 1001. Unable to get installer types in the C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoCount\AutoCount Server\AutocountServerServices.exe assembly -(JL/LS/P)
  110. Import Member error - The value of column AccNo in table Member does not exist in its master file -(Ben/LS/P)
  111. Create Account Book error – The device is not ready -(Ben/LS/P)
  112. Attach Account Book error – The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm -(Jod/LS/P)
  113. Year End Closing Error - No Retained Earning Account -(Ben/LS/P)
  114. Create or View Invoice error - Bad IL range -(CT/LS/P)
  115. Year End Closing Error - The transaction log for database AED_XXX is full due to ‘ACTIVE_TRANSACTION’ -(Ben/LS/P)
  116. Create Invoice Error – Unknown Sql Exception (Number=8114, Message=Error converting data type nvarchar to bigint.) -(Jod/LS/P)
  117. Export Data error – ‘ ’, hexadecimal value 0x02, is an invalid character -(Aimi/LS/P)
  118. Unable to open Consolidated Financial Report – Invalid DDL Statement . . . Cannot find the object “dbo.ConsolidateProfile” because it does not exist or you do not have permissions -(Aimi/LS/P)
  119. Restore error-Unknown Sql Exception (Number=3169), Message=The database was backed up on a server running version XX.XX.XXXX -(TN/LS/P)
  120. Backup error – The database could not be exclusively locked to perform the operation -(CT/LS/P)
  121. Import AP Invoice error - SupplierInvoiceNo the require column is empty -(PY/LS/P)
  122. Backup error - Unknown Sql Exception Number=8921… A failure was detected while collecting facts. Possibly tempdb out of space or a system table is inconsistent -(Jod/LS/P)
  123. Export report error – Specified argument was out of the range of valid value. Parameter name:MinimumSize -(CT/LS/P)
  124. Installation error - The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package...The error code is 2932 -(Ben/LS/P)
  125. Backup Error - The server does not allow client to backup or restore database -(Chr/LS/P)
  126. Restore error - The process cannot access the file… because it is being used by another process -(PY/LS/P)
  127. Backup error - File create error when creating RAR file. If Backup filename contain unicode or chinese character -(CT/LS/P)
  128. Unable to attach database file-Login failed. Incorrect password -(CT/LS/P)
  129. Change Project Number error-String or binary data would be truncated -(PY/LS/P)
  130. Database Maintenance error - Unknown Sql Exception-Incorrect syntax near '-' -(CT/LS/P)
  131. Stock Adjustment error - Primary Key Error -(PY/LS/P)
  132. Unable to Save Invoice - Every item needs to be assigned a location -(Jod/LS/P)
  133. Find or Search Item error - Execution Timeout Expired -(James/LS/P)
  134. Restore error-The Server Backup Shared Folder and the Client Access Shared Folder Path does not point to same folder...Operating system error 5(Access is denied) -(James/LS/P)
  135. Unable to Save Invoice-Unable to generate a new tax document number from default set -(James/LS/P)

Login Issue

  1. The server was not found or was not accessible -(KM/P)
  2. Your database version is later than supported database -(P/P)
  3. The Network Name cannot be Found -(JS/P)
  4. Login error - Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow -(CY/JS/KM/P)
  5. Error message – Unable to login from internet -(Mic/KM/P)
  6. Login error - You access right setting does not allow you login to this ‘Old Version’ account book -(EL/KM/P)
  7. Login error - The license inside this USB Key is not for this version of AutoCount Accounting -(Mic/KM/P)
  8. Login error - 'This account book was either in progress of year end closing or failed during Year End Closing’… -(LS/KM/P)
  9. Login error – In order to use Remote USB Key, you must install AutoCount Backup server at Database Server Pc -(Jac/KM/P)
  10. Login Error - 1 stock only network user already login to AutoCount Accounting but your current license only allows 0 stock only network user -(LS/KM/P)
  11. Login error - Invalid LCP Decrypt File -(LS/P)
  12. Error message – Root element is missing -(LS/P)
  13. Login Error - The type initializer for ‘System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCOnnection’ threw an exception -(Mic/LS/P)
  14. Error Message – Could not find a part of the path ‘Z:\A2006.dmf’ -(Zal/LS/P)
  15. Login Error - Index was outside the bounds of the array -(SW/LS/P)
  16. Login Consolidated Financial Report error - Error while connecting to SQL server, please check the network, firewall and make sure SQL Server is running and is network-enabled. Then try again -(Aimi/LS/P)
  17. Login error - Unexpected end of file has occured. The following elements are not closed: AutoCountConfig. Line 9, position 1 -(Joh/LS/P)
  18. Login Error - CRL error : 80004005. The Program will now terminate -(Azi/LS/P)
  19. Login Error - Database is read-only -(Aimi/LS/P)
  20. Login error - Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation -(CT/LS/P)
  21. Login issue - Invalid User ID or Password -(PY/LS/P)
  22. Login Error - Invalid AutoCount 2006 Configuration File -(Jod/LS/P)
  23. Login error - Invalid URI: The Hostname could not be parsed -(CT/LS/P)
  24. Login error Unknown Sql Exception (Number=823, Message=The operating system returned error 21(The device is not ready) -(TN/LS/P)
  25. Login error - Unknown Sql Exception (Number = 102, Message=Incorrect syntax near ’)’.) -(Jod/LS/P)
  26. Upgrade AutoCount error-Invalid DDL Statement /* Add AccountingBasis column in Tax Type table*/ -(Aimi/LS/P)
  27. Login Error - Cannot open database “AED_xxx” requested by login and the database in Recovery Pending status -(PY/LS/P)
  28. Login Error - The password of the account has expired -(Aimi/LS/P)


  1. Cannot open database A893478? -(P/P)
  2. Cannot open database “AED_XXX”… -(P/P)
  3. Forgot SA password ? -(KM/P)
  4. Upgrade error: SQL Server Service Broker is not enabled -(HY/P)
  5. Upgrade error: View Server State permission was denied -(JT/P)
  6. SQL Log Files keep on Growing -(JT/P)
  7. SQL Server installation error: “Fusion ATL” rule failed -(KS/KM/P)
  8. SQL Installation Error - is not a valid argument or you do not have permission -(HY/KM/P)
  9. SQL Server Configuration Manager - Cannot connect to WMI provider -(CY/KM/P)
  10. SQL Installation error - There are validation error on this page…Attributes not match? -(HY/KM/P)
  11. SQL Server installation error - Wait on the Database Engine recovery handle failed -(KS/KM/P)
  12. Unable to start SQL Server Service due to TCP Port is already being used -(JS/KM/P)
  13. The Service Broker in database AED_XXX cannot be enabled because there is already an enabled Service Broker with the same ID -(Joh/LS/P)
  14. Database ‘AED_moble’ is already open and can only have one user at a time -(Mic/LS/P)
  15. Windows 11 SQL Server Installation Error-Wait on the Database Engine recovery handle failed. Check the SQL Server error log for potential causes -(Jod/LS/P)
  16. SQL Installation error-rule “Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service” failed -(Ben/LS/P)
  17. SQL Server installation error-Service ‘SQLBrowser’ start request failed -(TN/LS/P)
  18. Unable to start SQL Server services -(CT/LS/P)
  19. SQL Server setup failure - Setup encountered a failure while running job UpdateResult. Error code 0x876E0003 -(TN/LS/P)
  20. SQL Server installation error-There is a problem with this Windows Install package. A DLL required for this installation… -(CT/LS/P)
  21. SQL Server Configuration Manager – Access is denied when enable TCP/IP -(CT/LS/P)


  1. Report exported to Excel, some details missing -(LS/KM/P)
  2. Print Cash Transaction Listing - unable to select Voucher Type -(LS/KM/P)
  3. Installation Error "An error occurred during the installation of assembly" -(CY/P)
  4. Installation Error "Unable to extract msi file to temporary file" -(Azi/KM/P)
  5. Installation Error .Net Framework 4 (HRESULT 0xc8000222) -(KM/P)
  6. Report Design - Rich Text did not show properly -(P/P)
  7. Permanent license becomes Trial license -(Mic/KM/P)
  8. Further Description shows unwanted empty rows -(P/P)
  9. No result when inquiry Activity Stream -(JS/CY/KM/P)
  10. Mouse wheel is not functioning with the drop-down list in AutoCount System -(HY/KM/P)
  11. USB Key Error:The requested address is not valid in its content… -(Jac/KM/P)
  12. Hamachi can’t be turned on -(KC/KM/P)
  13. Document numbering do not follow the format that have been set -(ami/KM/P)
  14. Import past AR Invoice Error -Transaction date xx/xx/xxxx is not in the maintained fiscal year range… -(EL/KM/P)
  15. Design Invoice Report error – Rounding and Final Total Script Error -(JS/KM/P)
  16. System Hang when design report -(JS/KM/P)
  17. Incorrect Numbering sequence after grouping in report designer -(JS/KM/P)
  18. Report Font color wouldn’t reflect after changed it to different color -(Aimi/KM/P)
  19. Outlook doesn’t work when click on send by Email -(KC/KM/P)
  20. License status not match in between Server and Client PC -(KC/LS/P)
  21. New document date does not follow current date -(LS/P)
  22. Chinese character can’t be read when export to PDF file -(HY/LS/P)
  23. Installation did not start when double click on AutoCount Setup file/Installer -(LS/P)
  24. Exceed Network Users when log in -(Jul/LS/P)
  25. Preview Barcode report - There are invalid characters in the text -(Ell/LS/P)
  26. Rich Text showing unreadable Text -(JS/LS/P)
  27. Item searched does not appear at Stock Item Inquiry -(Far/LS/P)
  28. User unable to customize grid layout -(Mic/LS/P)
  29. Unable to find Change Item Code in Change Code -(Ell/LS/P)
  30. Picture is not shown when preview report -(Jac/LS/P)
  31. Ping server Hamachi IP request times out -(Tan/LS/P)
  32. Install .NET Framework failed - A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority -(Tan/LS/P)
  33. Change Item UOM Rate does not appear in Change Code -(Aim/LS/P)
  34. Report Design – Item image not shown in report -(Ash/LS/P)
  35. Unable to edit Currency Rate in currency maintenance -(JZ/LS/P)
  36. Two computers having different report layouts -(Mic/LS/P)
  37. Wrong decimal symbol 100.00 became 100,00 -(ZL/LS/P)
  38. Print Bar Code error - Control’s boundaries are too small for the barcode -(Aim/LS/P)
  39. Bonus Point Transacting Listing Point Balance not same with total available point in Bonus Point Redemption -(Aim/LS/P)
  40. Half page report printing issue -(Aim/LS/P)
  41. AutoCount Backup Server / AutoCount Server icon is not shown after installed. -(Chr/LS/P)
  42. There is no “Allow less secure apps” in google account when want to use Gmail to send batch mail in AutoCount -(KC/LS/P)
  43. Why are the options Always Post To G/L and Always Post To Stock not available (shown in grey)? -(Chr/LS/P)
  44. Unable to access Change Account Number -(JL/LS/P)
  45. Printing issue - Lines did not print out -(Jod/LS/P)
  46. Company Name and Menu tab wording are missing -(Rot/LS/P)
  47. Unable to attach Account Book from workstation -(JL/LS/P)
  48. Why can’t I enable the function Can Direct Edit Debtor/Creditor Opening Balance -(SW/LS/P)
  49. Some Member record not shown in Change Member No -(JL/LS/P)
  50. Why are the search criteria for Item Group not available (shown in grey) -(Chr/LS/P)
  51. Email contents missing in receiver’s email? -(CT/LS/P)
  52. Unable to see Master I and Master II in Export All Data -(Rot/LS/P)
  53. Create document take longer time to response? -(Jul/LS/P)
  54. Unable to find K.I.V Invoice in Open K.I.V Folder -(Jod/LS/P)
  55. Find Panel-Unable to auto filter results -(Jod/LS/P)

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