Troubleshooting:Why the same GetSingleValue can work in Debtor Statement but not in A/R Receive Payment?

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Question: I have created a UDF in Debtor Maintenance, and using get single value function to show the UDF value at Debtor Statement report. But why when I copied the tag and use it at A/R Receive Payment report and preview, it cannot work and prompted with error “Unknown Sql exception (Number=102, Message=Incorrect syntax near ‘?’.)” ?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

Each report will have its own column name which you can find them from report designer field list.
Column name used in Debtor Statement and A/R Receive Payment are different, so the same tag value may not work at A/R Receive Payment.


Format: @GetSingleValue:TableName:ColumnName:Condition:Format:Parameter
To show the UDF from Debtor Maintenance at A/R Receive Payment, you should use


Now the UDF from Debtor Statement is shown.

Note: For more details about Advanced Tag Function, please refer to the link as below.

Report Design: Advanced Tag Function – Get Single Value & Execute Scalar

By: Lay Swan 220218, P220224

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