Troubleshooting: Why are the options Always Post To G/L and Always Post To Stock not available (shown in grey)?

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Question: Why some of the options like Always Post to G/L, Always Post To Stock, Can Edit Unit Price, are not available?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

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Possible Reason:

User has enabled “Use setting in User Access Rights” for those settings in System Option Policy. And the user does not have access rights to the above mentioned actions.


If you wish to change it back to following setting in Options,

1) Go to Tools> System Option Policy.

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2) Change from “Use setting in User Access Rights” to “Use setting in Options”.

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Invoicing: These invoicing controls could be applied either:
(a) according to the settings in Tools > Options: - which all users will share the same setting, OR
(b) according to the settings in General Maintenance > User Maintenance > Access Rights - which means different users can have their own setting.
Means, you may choose either Use Setting in Options, or Use Setting in User Access Rights.
For example, if Post To G/L is controlled by Use Setting in Options, the system will use the setting as defined in Options > Invoicing > Document Control 2

3) Now user can enable or disable the options.

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By: Christine 211123, Lay Swan 211127, P211129

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