Troubleshooting:Amount in ledger showing 0 balance, but it is not 0 in bank reconciliation

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Question: When I preview Standard Ledger for my bank account, it shows the Grand Total is 0.00 (refer to image 1). But when I looked into bank reconciliation, it shows some amount and transaction (refer to image 2).

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Image 1

Image 2

Possible reason:

The amount of bank reconciliation is from previous year uncleared transactions.


Clear the precious year uncleared transactions if this amount is not related to your bank reconciliation.

1. Go to GL > Bank Reconciliation, then click on ‘Maintain Previous Year Uncleared Bank Transactions

2. Remove the transaction inside Uncleared Bank Transaction Entry if those transaction is not related to your bank reconciliation.

3. No more previous year uncleared transactions in bank reconciliation after removing transactions.

By: Azirah 180430, KM 180516, P180522

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