Troubleshooting: Serial Numbers are not shown in detail in Invoice

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Question : In Invoice : I-000014 the serial numbers are shown in detail (A0001, A0002, A0003), but in I-000015 it just shown in a range (B0001 -> B0003). Why? How to make it to show in detail?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Invoice I-0000014:

Invoice I-000015:

Possible Reason :

Upon creating Invoice I-000015, user has directly keyed in the serial number in Starting S/N and Ending S/N column as below.

When preview invoice the serial numbers will be shown as a range.

Solution :

1) Delete the item detail line for I-000015 and Save.

2) Edit again the Invoice to add back the Item b and key in/scan the serial numbers one by one, or double click (to choose) the Serial Number from the Available Serial Numbers, then Save the Invoice.

3) You may preview the invoice again and now all the serial numbers are shown in detail (B0001, B0002, B0003).

By : Aisyah 181016, Lay Swan 181025, P181102

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