Troubleshooting: Sales amount in P&L not the same as Monthly Sales Analysis?

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Question : Why is the amount of Sales account in Profit & Loss Report not the same as in Monthly Sales Analysis Report?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

1) Amount of Sales Account in P&L: is the total amount posted to Sales Account from various transaction types such as Sales Invoice, Credit/Debit Notes, A/R entries, A/P entries, Cash Book entries, Journal entries… Means it is not contributed only from sales documents/entries. It includes amounts posted from other documents/entries that will not appear in sales reports.

2) Amount from Sales report: is the total amount of sales documents/entries, it includes amount that are posted to Sales Account as well as other accounts. For example, an Invoice amount may post to Other Income Account and not Sales Account.

Solution :

To find out the differences of these two amounts:

(1) Find out the summary of posting accounts from Sales report, to see how much was posted to Sales Account and other accounts respectively,

(2) Find out the details of Sales Account total amount, to see is there any amount not posted from Sales related journal.

(1) Find out the summary of posting accounts from Sales report

Go to A/R > AR Monthly Sales & Collection Analysis Report

Define the Date Range, and choose Report Type = Sales Analysis Report.

At More Options, check to enable Show in Local Currency, click on OK. Click on Inquiry.

Preview the report – AR Monthly Sales Analysis Report - In Local Currency and look into total amount.

AR Monthly Sales Analysis Total = RM 21758.40

This is the summary of A/R Invoice, A/R Debit Note and A/R Credit Note. To see the details, we need to check into their listing reports. In this example, there is no transaction in A/R Debit Note and A/R Credit Note, so I will just check into A/R Invoice Listing.

Go to A/R > AR Invoice Entry, click on Print A/R Invoice Listing.

Define the Date Range 01/01/20 – 30/04/20, click on Inquiry.

Preview report – AR Invoice Audit Trail Listing.

Scroll all the way down till before the end of report, look into Summary of AR Invoice Audit Trail in Local Currency.

Ignore Trade Debtor Account and Sales/Service Tax Account.

As you can see:
Posted to 500-0000 Sales Account = RM 21708.40
Posted to 555-0000 Other Income Account = RM 50.00

Which means, not all amount of RM 21758.40 was posted to Sales Account.

(2) Find out the details of Sales Account total amount

In P&L, the Sales Account amount = 21858.40 may include posting from non-sales related documents entries such as Journal entries or Cash Book entries.

Double click on the amount 21858.40 drill down to Sales Account. There were 3 transactions whose Journal Type is not Sales. Total of these 3 transactions is RM 150.

So the total amount from Journal Type = Sales is 21858.40 – 150.00 = 21708.40

Which is the same as earlier total amount of AR Monthly Sales Analysis Report.

By : Ju Lee 180130, Lay Swan 200602, P200605

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