Troubleshooting: Sales Unit Price does not follow standard selling price

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Question : I have maintained stock item with standard selling price RM 137.00. I didn’t maintain any price book. But why when I issue invoice to foreign debtor, it shows another price?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Sales unit price1.png

Sales unit price2.png

Sales unit price3.png

Possible Reason :

You have enabled the option of “Auto convert Sales/Purchase Price based on Currency Rate”.

Sales unit price4.png

Notes : When “Auto Convert Sales Price or Purchase Price Based on Currency Rate” is enabled, the system will calculate the price as below:

Standard Selling Price / Document Currency Rate
137 / 4.1 = 33.41

Solution :

To disable it, go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Auto Price, and uncheck “Auto Convert Sales Price or Purchase Price Based on Currency Rate”, then click on OK.

Sales unit price5.png

Now when you create new Invoice, the unit price will be 137.00 (your maintained unit price).

Sales unit price6.png

By : Aimi 190329, Lay Swan 190507, P190508

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