Troubleshooting: The official receipt no. is already exist, please enter another value

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Question : When I try to save A/R Receive Payment, system prompted error “The official receipt no. is already exist, please enter another value.” As I checked the next possible number is not in the A/R Receive Payment listing. Why is the system not allowing to save?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

The said OR number: OR-000003 does exist in your account book (a payment received not necessarily recorded in AR Payment).

Solution :

To check all the used OR numbering, you need to check at Cash Book Entry and not at AR Receive Payment, as certain OR transactions are not created in A/R Receive Payment.

1) Go to G/L > Cash Book Entry and sort the document number ascendingly. Obviously the OR-000003 is actually being used and it is the last used number.

2) Go to General Maintenance > Document Numbering Format Maintenance > G/L > Cash Receipt, click on Edit. Change the next number to 4 and click on OK.

3) Now you can save the A/R Receive Payment with OR-000004.

By : Cheryl 190218, Lay Swan 190222, P190226

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