Troubleshooting: Stock Balance Quantity in batch number selection not tallied with balance quantity in Stock Card

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Question : Why the balance quantity in my Batch No. Selection is not tallied with the balance quantity in stock card?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Batch not tally1.png

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Possible Reason (1) :

You didn’t inquiry the stock card in smallest UOM.

Solution (1) :

Batch Number selection will show the quantity in smallest UOM. In order for Stock Card to do the same,

1) You should go to More Options > UOM Option in Stock Card report, change from Show Multi-UOM to Show Smallest UOM and Inquiry again.

Batch not tally3.png

2) Now Stock Card show balance qty = 65.

Batch not tally4.png

If stock card shown in smallest UOM still not tallied, please refer to the below possibility.

Possible Reason (2) :

There is transaction on future date. As balance quantity at batch number selection do not have date filter, and it will always be updated immediately.

Solution (2) :

Try to do filter date till end of the year at Stock Card Report and Inquiry, and do compare again.

Batch not tally5.png

After found out the source of discrepancies, if the date was wrongly assigned, make correction and save.

Possible Reason (3) :

Suspected data inconsistency occurred due to abnormal input or sequence in using the system.

Solution (3) :

1) Go to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio > Data Consistency. Click on Fix Inconsistent Stock Balance Quantity Problem.

Batch not tally6.png

2) Click on Fix Inconsistent Stock Balance Quantity Problem.

Batch not tally7.png

3) Click on Yes.

Batch not tally8.png

4) Click on OK after fixed.

Batch not tally9.png

By : Cheryl 181015, Lay Swan 181115, P181119

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