Troubleshooting: Save Invoice Error – KnockOffAmount over NetAmount in detail record

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Question : When I try to save invoice, system prompts an error message: KnockOffAmount > NetAmount in detail record. What should I do?

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

This is a known bug and already fixed in version
For version 2.0 this bug is fixed in version
This issue happens when detail line assigned with project code and have other detail line/footer/rounding in negative value which did not assign project code.

Solution :

For version 1.9 – Update to version or above.
For version 2.0 – Update to version or above.

If you do not wish to update your version, here is a temporary solution.

In order to save the invoice, you need to assign project code for the negative value detail line.
For Footer or 5 Cents rounding, you need to enable the option Use First Detail Project Department for Footer Posting at Tools > Options > G/L > G/L Posting.

Remark : Those details or footer will be automatically assigned with project code during account posting and will able to save the document. If you do not wish to have posting project for those detail lines, it is advisable to update version.

By : Aimi 200720, Lay Swan 200721, P200721

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