Troubleshooting: USB Key Server Monitor Error: Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed

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Question : USB Key Server Monitor unable to start, error prompted: Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed… I have tried install the latest version of USB Key Server Monitor and turn off all firewall and antivirus, but it is still not working. What can I do?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

The port 9560 is occupied by other applications.

Solution :

Try to change to another port number.

1) Click on Change Port and key in another port number.

After changed, the USB Key Server Monitor is running now. Then, you need to change the port number setting in AutoCount Accounting as well.

2) In AutoCount Accounting, go to Tools > Options > General > Miscellaneous, change the USB Key Setting Port number as well.

For those who had set to use Remote USB Key, you need to change the setting in both License Control and AutoCount Backup Server.

Go to Tools > Program Control > License Control, here you need to change the port number too.

In AutoCount Backup Server, click on Register this Database Server to USB Key and change the port.

Note : Please seek assistance from your software dealer if the problem still persists after performing the suggested steps.

By : Zhi Lin 200312, Lay Swan 200320, P200323

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