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Question: Why can’t I save a Purchase Invoice which is transferred from Goods Receive Note. There is an error message prompted “Transaction date 31/03/2018 is locked, but my document date is 23/04/2018.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Transdate lock1.jpg

Possible Reason:

The period lock is triggered on Goods Receive Note (document date:31/03/2018) instead of Purchase Invoice (23/04/2018). The option of "Automatic Update Cost in Goods Receive Note" is enabled.

Note: Once the option of Automatic Update Cost in Goods Received Note is checked, when GRN is transferred to Purchase invoice, the unit price (cost) changed in Purchase Invoice will be updated to GRN automatically.

Thus, when you are trying to transfer from GRN to Purchase Invoice, the system will update the unit price (cost) in GRN automatically. This action will trigger period lock.


Unlock Manage Period lock for Mar’2018.

Please refer the link as below on how to lock or unlock a month.

Security - How to lock a month?

By: lay Swan 180423, KM 180424, P180427

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