Troubleshooting: Backup error - File is not a valid archive. I/O error occur

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Question: During backup process, error message prompted: 'File is not valid Archie. I/O error occur' ?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

Most probably you have installed WinRAR version 5.50 at your pc. WinRAR version 5.5 has compatibility issue with Auto Count program that causes this error during backup.


1st Resolution (recommended) – Uninstall your current WINRAR 5.50 and go to WinRAR official website and download WINRAR 5.40. After that you can try backup and should not hit into that error anymore.

Download link for WINRAR: WinRar 5.4

2nd Resolution (only applicable if database size is small) – Go into Backup option and uncheck the checkbox "use WINRAR". Without applying this option, the system will not backup your database using the WINRAR compression and thus you would not hit into this error.

3rd Resolution - This issue is solved in version to support WinRAR version higher than 5.40. User may update version to or above.

By : JS 170526, KM 170808; P170810

By : Ella 200316, Lay Swan 200326, P200327

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