Troubleshooting: Show Instant Info - Price History is empty

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Question: "Price history" is not displayed when click on ‘Show instance Info’ ?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason (1):

The options of "Show Sales Price History" and "Show Purchase Price History" in Price History Settings are not checked.

Solution (1):

1. Click on ‘Show Instance Info

2. Right Click at the empty area of Price History.

3. Click on Price History Settings.

4. In Price History Settings, check the checkboxes of ‘Show Sales Price History’ and ‘Show Purchase Price History’. And click ‘OK’

By:Michelle 170623, KM 170719; P170801

Possible Reason (2):

Most probably you have selected a Branch and the options of “Show All Branches” is not checked.

Solution (2):

1) Right click at the empty area of Price History and click on Show All Branches.

2) Then, right click and click on the Price History Settings. In Price History Settings, make sure the checkbox of ‘Show Sales Price History’ and ‘Show Purchase Price History’ are checked, and click on OK.

By: Jodie 220314, Lay Swan 220329, P220330

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