Troubleshooting: Login error - Invalid URI: The Hostname could not be parsed

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Question: Why there is an error prompted “Invalid URI: The Hostname could not be parsed” when I login AutoCount?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

Server name (Computer name) used to attach account book unable to detect by SQL Server, most probably computer name contains special symbol or Chinese characters or with spacing.


Remove the empty spacing in the Server Name.

If the computer name contains special symbol or Chinese character, go to window search and search for ‘View your PC name’.

Look for Device name, and if it contains symbols or Chinese characters (FYI: some of the symbols are acceptable but it is advisable to avoid symbols for better detection of host name for SQL Server), user might need to change the PC name.

Click on Rename this PC, key in the new PC name that is appropriate, then click on Next and restart the PC.

Reset configuration and reattach the account book with new Server Name, and now user shall be able to login AutoCount.

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By: Cit Ta 221205, Lay Swan 221221, P221221

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