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Question : My login screen has few non-use account books, how can I clear all and create a new list ?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

You may reset the Accounting database configuration and attach account book (database) again to create a new list.

To reset the Accounting database configuration;

1) Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoCount\Accounting 1.8 for 32bit, or go to C:\Program Files\AutoCount\Accounting 1.8 for 64bit.

2) Double click on ResetAccountingConfiguration.

3) Key in the password: autocountworld, and click on OK.

4) Once success, continue with click on OK.

5) Choose your product edition screen and click on OK.

6) Check the checkbox of Attach an existing account book and click on Next.

7) Click on Get Available Servers to select, or key in using the format of <IP address>\<instance>

The server name can also be:

<pc name>\<instance>

<IP address>, <sql port>

<pc name>, <sql port>

Click on Get Available Databases to select, or key in database name.

Then click on OK.

8) Login screen will now prompt and you may proceed to login to your Account Book.

If you wish to add another account book, refer to the following link for how to attach account book.

Attach Account Book

By : Aisyah 180712, Lay Swan 180713, P180719

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