Troubleshooting: Tax transaction not shown in GST03

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Question: I've created a new tax code under tax code maintenance, but why the transaction involving the Tax code does not appear in GST03 form?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Tax code1.jpg

Possible Reason:

Due to the tax code is created manually by user and did not tie to any Government Tax Code. So it will not appear in GST-03 form.

Tax code2.jpg

In fact, all the required standard tax codes are available in the system, and they are all correctly tied/mapped to Government tax codes. If it is not shown, it could be not being enabled. To enable a tax code, you need to do it at Configure Malaysia GST.

However, in this case, the user has created a new tax code manually "ZRL" (let's call it manual ZRL) which did not tie to Government tax code and has used in several transactions. The user did not aware that there is a standard tax code with the same label "ZRL" (let's call it system ZRL) in fact available in the system. But at this point we can't enable the system ZRL due to existence of manual ZRL.


There are few things we need to do to solve the issue:

a. Change code: manual ZRL changed to another name. E.g. *ZRL Go Tools > Change Code > Change Tax Code, change your tax code ZRL to another tax code name.

Tax code3.jpg

b. Enable the system ZRL GST > Tax Code Maintenance > Configure Malaysia GST, check the checkbox to enable ZRL

c. Edit transactions carrying *ZRL and reassign tax code to ZRL

d. Delete the tax code *ZRL at GST > Tax Code Maintenance

e. Re-run GST Processor.

Now, GST-03 can show the figure.

Tax code4.jpg

Recommended Practice:

Remark: For Malaysia GST, should user wish to create a new tax code which is not available in the system, it can be done by going to Configure Malaysia GST > New Govt.Tax Code.

By:Lay swan 171124, KM 171127, P171206

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