Troubleshooting: Duplicated opening balance for a serial number

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Question: When making inquiry of Serial Number transaction, duplicated opening balance appears for a serial number?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Serial no duplicate.png

Possible Reason:

The same serial number has been imported into Item Opening Balance.


It is difficult to examine item opening balance one by one. Checking is easier by using SQL query:

1. Open SQL Management Studio and run the query as below:

select * from SerialNoTrans where FromSerialNo = '0PK013202432' or ToSerialNo='0PK013202432'

2. Retrieve the DtlKey from the query result and run the query as below:

select * from itemopening where Itemopeningkey in('2784791','2784977')

Serial no duplicate1.png

3. Remove one of the duplicated serial numbers from item opening balance. You may find the item serial number by following the seq 5 and 67.

By:KM 170712, 170713; P170801

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