Troubleshooting: Stock Card average cost not the same as Item Maintenance Up to Date Cost

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Question : Why the (Item code 888) average cost show at Stock Card is different as Item Maintenance’s up to date cost? I’ve have checked there is no any future date transaction and already run recalculate stock costing but the amount still not matching.

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

Someone has edited the Stock Item Cost Encoding String

Solution :

Go to Tools > Options > Stock > General Stock Setting, check on the Stock Item Cost Encoding String setting.

The first letter/number/symbol will represent '0', the second one represents '1', the third one represents '2' ... and so on till '9'.

Now the Encoding string is 123456789,.-

1=0 , 2=1

This is why the cost 1 0 0 will show in 2 1 1 .

If this was unintentionally edited, then change it from 123456789,.- to 0123456789,. and click on OK. So that the up to date cost will show as usual.

If this was purposely encoded, then you’ve to remember such encoded string when reading the cost.

By : Lay Swan 180928, P181016

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