Troubleshooting: Error message prompted “Transferred amount overflow in updating ARDeposit (DocKey=1127) when save AR Receive Payment

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Question : I’ve created an AR Receive Payment and the payment method is "Transfer from AR Deposit". When I click save, system prompted me an error “Transferred amount overflow in updating ARDeposit (DocKey=1127)”. Why?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Deposit overflow1.jpg

Possible Reason :

System has detected the transferred amount to AR Receive Payment is larger than AR Deposit amount.

Solution :

1) Click on Drop Down button of the deposit payment method.

2) "Select Deposit" screen will be prompted.

3) Check the deposit outstanding amount, it is RM 5000.

4) Check your payment amount, it is RM 5100.

5) Press OK on "Select Deposit" screen, system will update the amount to RM 5000. You can’t change the transferred amount to larger amount.

6) Knock off and click Save.

Deposit overflow2.jpg

By : Aimi 180712, Lay Swan 180712, P180719

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