Troubleshooting: Backup Error – Timeout expired error

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Question: When I do backup, system prompted error “Error occurred during backup database. Timeout expired error.”

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason (1):

Database size is too large, system’s timeout time is not enough for the backup process to carry out completely.

Solution (1):

1) Extend the Time Out in backup options. Click on Options.

2) Set the Time Out to 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes (Depends on how large the database file is).

Possible Reason (2):

Backup Server was not installed properly.

Solution (2):

Reinstall backup server or update backup server to newer version.
(If using dongle, please install Backup Server according to Dongle Matching Guide).

Possible Reason (3):

The backup server port number is blocked by Firewall or Antivirus.

Solution (3):

Add port 19500 for TCP Firewall and set up an exception on Antivirus.

By: Cit Ta 220411, Lay Swan 220427, P220428

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