Troubleshooting: Import past AR Invoice Error -Transaction date xx/xx/xxxx is not in the maintained fiscal year range…

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Question: Why can’t I import AR invoice into system? There is a message under status description ‘Transaction date xx/xx/xxxx is not in the maintained fiscal year range’. Why?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

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Possible Reason:

Transaction date of your past invoices is not in the maintained fiscal year range. E.g. Document date of your invoice is 01/05/2015, fiscal year for system started from 2016.

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Maintain the fiscal year.

Go to Tools > Manage Fiscal Year.

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Click on New Previous Fiscal Year to add Fiscal Year 2015 into system.

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You may re-import the AR Invoice into system without getting any error now.

By: Ella 180202, KM 180206, P180207

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