Troubleshooting:A/R Receive Payment – The confirmation window (OK/Cancel button) not appeared when copy from other Payment

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Question: When I create new A/R Receive Payment and select Copy Payment > Copy from Other Payment, why there is no confirmation (OK/Cancel) button?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9

Possible Reason:

Your computer display setting (scale and layout) is not 100% (larger than 100%, causing certain parts not fully displayed on screen).


Update to version or above.
This issue already fixed even you are using Display other than 100%.


If you do not wish to update version, change your computer display scale and layout to 100%.

Go to Windows search Change the resolution of the display – Scale and layout – Select 100%.

Re-login AutoCount, now you should be able to see the OK/Cancel button and successfully copy from the selected AR payment.

By: Angel 220708, Lay Swan 220726, P220725

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