Troubleshooting: Unable to find the menu of A/R Deposit

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Question: Why can't I find the menu of A/R Deposit? I have just purchased AutoCount express edition and wish to key in deposit received from customers.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9


AutoCount Express edition does not include A/R Deposit function. AR deposit function is only available in AutoCount Basic Edition or above. You can either upgrade to AutoCount Basic Edition or use AR Payment to record deposit.

Below is the steps of using AR Payment to record deposit from customer:

For example: You are selling an item RM200. First, you receive RM50 deposit from customer. After you delivered the item, then customer pay the remaining RM150.

1. Go to AR > AR Receive payment,

2. Key in AR Payment as normal, just that save the AR payment without knocking off any Invoice.

3. Then, issue an invoice RM200.

4. Go back to the AR receive payment that created in step 2 and knock off the invoice that created just now.

5. Upon receiving the outstanding amount, create a new AR payment to knock off the remaining RM 150.

By: Hui Yan 180503, KM 180515, P180522

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