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Question: I have forgotten SA password and unable to attach account book?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


SA password is AutoCount SQL default password. If you have created your own SA password and forgotten, you are not able to Detach/Attach Account Book. To solve this, you need to reset the SA Password, and re-attach all account books for each of the PCs.

If you are using AutoCount Default SA Password, SA password is not needed to attach/detach account book.

To reset SA Password, launch MSSQL Management Studio and login using the authentication mode: “Windows Authentication”.

1. Go to Security > Login > sa > right click Properties

2. Key in and confirm new SA password and press OK.

Another option is to use SQL query to update the sa password.


Note:Please do a backup of database before changing anything! As this issue requires some technical skills, kindly consult your software consultant if there is any doubt.

By:KM 170530, 170725; P170801

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