Troubleshooting: Create document take longer time to response?

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Question: When I create a new A/R Invoice, it takes longer time to response? Other users create A/R Invoice is much faster.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

There are too many MRU stored on your database with your User ID, when you create document, system will reload them, and this causes the system to take longer time to prepare.

Solution (1):

Delete the unused MRU records in A/R Invoice.

You may refer to the below link on how to delete MRU Item in the document.

GL: How to delete the historical description (Most Recently Used item) at Cash Book Entry

Solution (2):

Delete all the MRU records by using sql query.

1) Perform backup. Then login AutoCount Accounting Management Studio with ADMIN (only ADMIN user is allowed to access this studio).

2) Go to Tools > SQL Query, it will prompt below message and click on Yes.

Longer response1.png

Longer response2.png

3) Copy and paste the following query provided below onto the blank space.

Delete From MRU where UserID = 'ADMIN'

Longer response3.png

4) Click on Execute to run the query.

Longer response4.png

Longer response5.png

5) After that re-login and try to create transaction, system should be much smoother than usual.

Remark: If any other user facing the slow issue when create transactions, you may execute the query for their User ID. Just replace their UserID into the sql query.

Longer response6.png

By: Ju Lee 230220, Lay Swan 230302, P230320

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