Troubleshooting: New invoice numbering & document date does not follow the setting of next invoice number but D/O number & DO date?

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Question : When create new invoice without transferring from D/O everything is fine, but when transferred from D/O, the new invoice will adopt D/O number & DO date. Why?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Create new invoice

Earlier created DO

New Invoice Transferred from DO

Possible Reason :

The options of Use Transferred D/O Date and Transfer D/O No. to Invoice No. are enabled.

Solution :

To disable, go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Transfer, uncheck the checkbox of Use transferred DO date and Transfer DO No. to Invoice No., then click on OK.

Try to create the invoice and transfer from D/O, the invoice number and date will not copy from D/O number and date.

By : Tan 200716, Lay Swan 200720, P200720

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