Troubleshooting: Failed to commit SST Processor “SST Penalty AccNo cannot be empty”

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Question : Failed to commit SST processor, system prompted error “SST Penalty AccNo cannot be empty”.

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

SST Penalty Account will be used in SST Committed journal entry. In this case, SST Penalty AccNo is not assigned in SST Settings.

Solution (1) :

1) Go to Tax > Tax Code Maintenance > Configure Malaysia SST and click on Wizard.

2) Run the tax code wizard and make sure your answer is Yes for Do you wish to generate Proposed SST Account. System will auto create proposed SST account for SST Penalty Account (SST-4040), then click on Save. You may commit the SST processor now.

Solution (2) :

Manual assign account by go to Tax > Tax Code Maintenance > Configure Malaysia SST > SST Option > SST Setting

Here you may assign your SST Penalty Account No and click on OK.

(If you don’t have SST Penalty Account yet, may click on Open Account Maintenance to create it.)

By : Ju Lee 181201, Lay Swan 181219, P190102

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