Troubleshooting: SST Tax Code is not auto-assigned at Invoice

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Question : I've maintained item and tax type at Debtor Maintenance's Tax Exemption, but when I issue Invoice to that debtor with the same item, the Tax Code did not appear. Why?

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Taxcode not assign1.png

Taxcode not assign2.png

Possible Reason :

Use Default SST Code in SST Option is check.

Solution :

If you wish to use tax code logic, make sure use Default SST Code is uncheck.

1) Go to Tax > Tax Code Maintenance

Taxcode not assign3.png

2) Click on Configure Malaysia SST

Taxcode not assign4.png

3) Go for SST Option tab, uncheck the Use Default SST Code, and click on Save.

Taxcode not assign5.png

4) Try again issue the Invoice to the same Debtor and item, now the tax code is auto-assigned.

Taxcode not assign6.png

Note : Tax Exemption features in Debtor & Creditor Maintenance is only available at version and above.

By : Faridaa 180929, Lay Swan 181107, P181108

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