Troubleshooting: Copy and paste from Excel – Invalid number format at column SubTotal, row 1

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Question: When I copy from Excel and paste it on stock adjustment, message prompted “Invalid number format at column SubTotal, row 1” and I noticed that the sub total amount is not the same as the amount in Excel. Why?

Version: 1.8/ 1.9/ 2.0

Invalid no format1.png

Invalid no format2.png

Possible Reason:

The system can’t recognize symbol “( )” as negative value.


Change all the Number cells (Qty, UnitCost, SubTotal) negative value format to “-1234.10”.

1) Highlight the whole cell, right click, and select Format Cells.

Invalid no format3.png

2) Click on Number, and choose the negative number format -1234.10, then click on OK.

Invalid no format4.png

Invalid no format5.png

3) Now, copy from the Excel and paste onto stock adjustment again, it is now successfully pasted, and the sub total figure is correct.

Invalid no format6.png

By: Benjamin 220713, Lay Swan 220727, P220728

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