Troubleshooting: Copy and paste from Excel – Invalid number format at column SubTotal, row 1

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Question: When I copy from Excel and paste it on stock adjustment, message prompted “Invalid number format at column SubTotal, row 1” and I noticed that the sub total amount is not the same as the amount in Excel. Why?

Version: 1.8/ 1.9/ 2.0

Possible Reason:

The system can’t recognize symbol “( )” as negative value.


Change all the Number cells (Qty, UnitCost, SubTotal) negative value format to “-1234.10”.

1) Highlight the whole cell, right click, and select Format Cells.

2) Click on Number, and choose the negative number format -1234.10, then click on OK.

3) Now, copy from the Excel and paste onto stock adjustment again, it is now successfully pasted, and the sub total figure is correct.

By: Benjamin 220713, Lay Swan 220727, P220728

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