Troubleshooting: SQL Server setup failure - Setup encountered a failure while running job UpdateResult. Error code 0x876E0003

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Question: While I try installing the SQL Server Express manually, it prompted a message “Setup encountered a failure while running job UpdateResult. Error code 0x876E0003.” After clicking OK, the installation process cannot be continued. Why?

Possible Reason:

Installation updates issue.


You may edit the DEFAULTSETUP.INI file to skip for the product updates in the installation.

1) Re-run the SQL Server installer and defined the SQL Server extracted setup file in the C drive.

When the file done extracted, please stay on the SQL Server Installation Center and do not close the page.

2) Go to C drive, find the folder that SQL Server extracted setup file, and click on X64 or x86 folder.

For SQL Server 2017 Express in C drive the folder name is SQLServer2017Media.
For SQL Server 2019 Express in C drive the folder name is SQL2019.

For SQL 2017 or SQL 2019, you need get into folder named ExpressAdv_ENU or Express_ENU, then get into the folder x64 or x86.

3) Then find a file named DEFAULTSETUP.INI and right click open with Notepad.

4) Add another script, UpdateEnabled = False in new row as below, then go to File > Save.

5) Now you can continue SQL Server Installation, and you should be able to install successfully.

If inside folder x64 or x86 cannot find DEFAULTSETUP.INI, you may manually create it using Notepad and key in the script as below. Then save the file as DEFAULTSETUP.INI in folder x64 or x86.

By: Tian Neng 230328, Lay Swan 230419, P230426

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