Troubleshooting: Report Design – Item image not shown in report

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Question : I’ve dragged out a picture box and bind with Item Image URL, but the image is not shown when preview report?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9

Possible Reason :

You did not set properly Data binding for image URL.

Solution :

Click on Design for the report, click on the item image picture box, at Property Grid > Data > Data Bindings > Image URL > Binding, select Quotation Master, select Quotation Detail > Item Image File Path, then go to File > Save to save the report.

Preview report, and now the item image is shown.

Remark : Please use AutoCount Accounting 32 bits instead off AutoCount Accounting 64 bits to do report design.

By : Ashikin 200717, Lay Swan 200720, P200720

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