Purchase: Unable to edit GRN after un-transfer GRN to Purchase Invoice

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Question: Why can’t I edit the GRN as I have un-transferred the related GRN to Purchase Invoice? The background color still in grey color? there is no info in transfer detail (Refer to Image 3).

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Possible Reason:

Most probably you un-transferred the GRN to Purchase Invoice using improper way by deleting the rows in Purchase Invoice after transferred the items from GRN. Therefore, system still capture the link of purchase invoice detail, although you can’t find the transfer detail anymore.


Note: For customer, please seek assistance from your software dealer help to perform the below steps.

1. ** It is advisable to backup your account book before proceed to next steps.

2. Log in AutoCount Management Studio

3. Go to Tools > SQL Query

4. Type the query below:

Select * from GR where docno='GR-00001'

5. Click on Execute.

6. Result of the query will be shown. Look at To Doc key. If there is a value inside To Doc Type and To Doc Key, means in the system's record this GRN has been transferred. In this case, system will recognize that the GRN has been transferred to Purchase invoice and the Purchase Invoice document key is 98214.

7. Type and execute the query below:

Select * from PIDtl where dockey = '98214' 

8. The result shows the PI which document key is 98214.

9. Drag to right hand side and look From Doc Type, From Doc No and from Doc dtl key. This means that the items have been transferred from the Doc No GR1709/0007.

10. Type and execute the query as below to delete the items:

Delete from PIDtl where dockey='98214' and fromdocno='GR1709/0007'

The related items will be deleted.

11. Then go to Data Consistency > Fix Deleted Document Transfer Problem.

12. Click on Fix Deleted Transfer Doc Bug.

Click on X to exit once done.

13. Then go back to check the GRN again. It will not show in grey color anymore, means this GRN is now not yet transferred to any purchase invoice.

By: Hui Yan 180502,KM 180505, P180522

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