Troubleshooting: Non-Leaf Project Error when click on Opening Balance Maintenance

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Question : When I view Opening Balance Maintenance, system prompted Non-Leaf Project Error. Why?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Non leaf pro1.png

Possible Reason :

There is an amount in parent project - KL.

Non leaf pro2.png

Solution :

You cannot simply click on Yes to delete a Non leaf project, it may cause opening balance not balanced. You should jot down information and click on No.

From the prompted non leaf project error, you can see some amount in Account 300-G001 and 300-B001 for project KL. Further checking at Project Maintenance, we found that KL is a parent project. Now, you need to determine whether KL is a parent project or not.

1) If KL is not a parent project
Go to General Maintenance > Project Maintenance, click on project PJ (which is the sub project of KL), then click on Set As Top Level to make it at the same level as KL. In such way, without existence of sub-project, KL is no longer a ‘Parent’.

Non leaf pro3.png

Then view Opening Balance again, you should not be seeing that Non Leaf Project error any more.

2) If KL is a parent project
It means KL were mistakenly assigned as project in some transactions, you need to change it to the correct project, either PJ or other project.

i) Go to A/R > Debtor Aging Report, set the date as 31/12/17 (1 day before Actual Data Start Date in this case), click on Inquiry.

ii) Expand the detail for the debtor 300-G001 and 300-B001, double click to drill down to the document.

Non leaf pro4.png

Non leaf pro5.png

iii) Edit the document, and re-select the correct project, then click on Save.

Non leaf pro6.png

Do the same for debtor 300-B001. Then view Opening Balance again, you should not be seeing that Non Leaf Project error any more.

By : Rotcana 200416, Lay Swan 200421, P200422

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